A relaxed look for your day trip or weekend away

When it comes to your everyday work wear, you’re sorted. You have a few well-tailored suits that fit you perfectly, a selection of smart shirts, a rack of ties and a whole drawer full of suitable socks. At the weekends, however, you struggle to put together relaxed looks that see you feeling just as at home at the footy or pub as sitting down to Sunday dinner with the family or a day out to a market town.

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Check out these suggestions to help you put together a simple weekend wardrobe that will see you through anything your social calendar throws at you.

Summer Casual

Team a casual shirt with tailored shorts for the perfect summer look. Roll up the sleeves (or opt for short sleeves if you prefer this style) and wear with white trainers or casual brogues for a relaxed look that’s nevertheless smart enough to take you from the beer garden to dinner with friends.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect shirt, maybe take a trip out for the day as this could be one of the Things to do in Market Harborough as they have a great variety of shops to look around. You could try the market harborough community website before you head there for the day to see what they have their and then on the day find the perfect blend of casual and smart  shirts will see you right through summer.

Beach Days

Nothing signals the start of summer like the first day spent at the beach. The key to looking casual yet still put-together is in the quality of your clothes. Don’t be tempted to just throw on any old t-shirt – something you got free from the pub on the last St. Patrick’s Day, for example, or that faded t-shirt you bought on holiday four years ago. Splash out on a few good-quality polo shirts and plain t-shirts and you’ll look casual without looking scruffy. When it comes to shorts, choose between chino-style for a smarter look and regular gym shorts if you’re feeling more sporty. Finish your look with a stylish backpack – according to GQ Magazine, they’re making a comeback this summer.

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Cooler Days

Of course, summer doesn’t always mean warm weather in the UK. If temperatures dip, wear a checked shirt open over a white t-shirt for a laid-back, casual look that will keep you covered up.

Nights Out

Whether you’re off for dinner or drinks, a pair of dark denim jeans and shirt will be hard to beat. Roll up your sleeves if you want a more relaxed look, and finish with mid- to dark-brown casual shoes.

Some Men’s Clothing Essentials

Fashion is constantly evolving, and as the seasons change and trends come and go, it can be difficult to remain ahead of the cyclical crazes.

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However, there are some essentials that never go out of fashion especially if your planning a night out with a Stag Party Bus Cheltenham company with all your mates.  Ensure you have a great night out and take lots of pictures in your stylish clothing.

1. Light Bomber Jacket

A good bomber jacket can be the perfect companion throughout the seasons. Choose a jacket made from cotton which is loose and light and will be perfect during the summer and layered up during the winter.

2. Indigo Slim-Fit Jeans

Different denim fits and washes change each season, but sticking to a classic slim-fit style in indigo is the most flattering and versatile option.

3. Grey Sweatshirt

With style icons such as Paul Newman and Elvis photographed wearing the grey sporty sweatshirt looking fresh, trendy and stylish, even by today’s standards, you should add this timeless classic to your wardrobe.

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4. Crewneck T-Shirts in a Variety of Solid Colours

With suits becoming increasingly absent in offices, there is a high chance that you wear t-shirts more than other shirt.

It is wise to opt for the highest-quality t-shirts you can afford in a range of colours. Grey, black, navy and white are all good starting points for your wardrobe.

5. White Dress Shirt

A white shirt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe and suits a myriad of different occasions and events. Whether worn with a double-breasted blazer or a stylish wool grey suit, a white dress shirt matches them all. This shirt also provides the perfect blank canvas for any tie.

6. Single-Breasted Suit

When choosing a suit, no two-piece is more versatile than a notch-lapel, slim-fit suit in a navy or grey colour. Both shades provide maximum flexibility and will comfortably match most ties and shirts available.

The smooth simplicity of this suit permits it to serve almost all dress codes, from the workplace to a wedding.

7. Smart Black Shoes

Smart black shoes are often relegated to a purely workwear item, but a great pair of shoes can work well with casual outfits.

Choose a shoe with a slightly chunky sole in a fairly classic design, but opt for something with a bit of unique style and personality to ensure it looks as good on your time off as it does at work.

Having a New Boiler Installed

Are you considering having a new boiler installed? In this case, you may be somewhat anxious about the process, what will happen and the degrees of disturbance to anticipate. Right off the bat, never attempt to install a boiler on your own. It is a job for a professional registered engineer. Understanding a little of what’s in store can assist you with preparing yourself and your home for when the time comes for having your new boiler fitted.

A specialist will no doubt visit you before the installation date in order to take a look at the place where the boiler will be set, check whether there are better choices or see that all is well to proceed. They will inspect the current boiler’s area, number of radiators in the home, water pressure levels, vent position and the quantity of washrooms. This is their opportunity to inform you with respect to the best spot for the boiler to be situated and how it will be fitted. This is likewise a decent time to examine instalment payment plans and set a date for the work to be done.

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You are most likely considering to what extent the work will take? As each family is unique, it’s hard to respond to this question. A lot relies upon the scale of refitting required and how much effort is required in removing the current framework. A straightforward installation is generally finished inside a day, however, could take close to two, unless a significant refit is likewise required.

You don’t have to remain at home the entire day, insofar as you’re back in time for the engineer to give you a few guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize your new boiler. Before the work begins, the gas engineer will set down sheets and defenders for any adjacent carpets or soft furnishings to confine any dust and residue.

Once the installation is finished, your specialist may likewise need to complete a power flush in the wake of setting up the new system. This is a procedure that is completed to free the funnels of any extra flotsam and jetsam inside the framework from the installation of the new heater. Find out more about having a new Bristol Boiler Installation by contacting

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During the installation, your gas safe enlisted specialist will guarantee that all parts are fitted effectively and securely connected to the gas line. They will, at that point tell you the best way to operate your new boiler in more detail. The engineer will tidy up their workspace and dispose of all rubbish, including the old boiler in the event that you have a new one.

Keep in mind that introducing a gas apparatus should only be done by a confirmed and qualified gas safe engineer. Never endeavour to fix or install such apparatuses as a DIY venture.

Reasons to have air conditioning

Summers seem to be getting hotter but we all like to live in comfort, right? Well, do you know that there are far more advantages to air conditioning than simple convenience? Air conditioning is also able to provide us with greater security and an improved quality of life within our homes.

1. Reducing the possibility of asthma attacks

Did you know that air conditioning in your home can help reduce the chance of suffering from an asthma attack? Running air con not only reduces moisture in your home, but can also reduce the amount of pollen, mould and other outdoor allergens that are transmitted through air that can potentially cause asthma symptoms. Air conditioning can also reduce exposure to allergens in the room, such as dust mites.

2. Safer Houses

Usually when we air condition our house, we close our windows and doors. This leads to additional security because it is much more difficult for someone to break into your house with your doors and windows shut and locked than to open them to cool your home. Installing an HVAC system onto a property will likely require the use of a Davit Crane for the heavy lifting. For more information, visit

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3. A Cool Place to Exercise

Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are also an important component to prevent asthma attacks. Air conditioning can help by providing a cool and comfortable environment for indoor training. If your home is in a comfortable temperature, you are more likely to hit a treadmill after work. After all, no one wants to exercise in a hot house.

4. Less Insects and Parasites

Did you know that you can keep fleas from your dog with AC? Air-conditioning filters are more effective in preventing bugs than open windows. This not only protects you (and your pet!) But also makes your home cleaner.

5. Sleep better

We really sleep better in cooler conditions and air conditioners are the perfect answer to that! We have learned before that there are many tips for better sleep, one of which is to keep your bedroom cool.

6. Prevent Electronics from Overheating

Even though we know when our body gets too hot, electronics can’t tell us when they overheat. Heat can cause serious damage to electronics and even shorten their lifespan with an increased risk of losing data.

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7. Improve Work Performance

Have you ever experienced one of those days when everything at work was uncomfortable and took too long because of heat and discomfort? The air conditioner can fix it! Air conditioning can really improve employee comfort by keeping their minds clear and ready to handle their tasks for the day.

8. Reducing the Risk of Dehydration

When temperatures are cooler that means less sweating. A lot of people don’t appreciate that as we sweat, we lose most of the water we have absorbed. It is essential to remain hydrated when out in very hot conditions, but we don’t need to worry when we are in a room with air conditioning.

9. Less noise

Usually doors and windows are closed when air-conditioning is running. This means there is not so much noise being experienced inside the room which helps to keep such places cool and calm.

6 steps to the perfect business name and logo

Everyone knows that first impressions count and a business name and logo are what consumers and customers will form their first impressions of your business on. It is vital to invest time and effort into ensuring your company has the correct name and logo, as these will be appearing everywhere in connection with your brand. Follow our top tips to ensure your company creates a name a logo to suit your brand.

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1. Look at your business plan

Prioritise having your business plan in place, work on developing your vision of the company and its future and the logo and branding are more likely to fall into place.

2. Consider who your customers are

Think carefully about who your customers are and how the colours you use and font choices are likely to appeal to your target market.

3. Think about your favourite brands

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There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from your favourite brands. Look at what colours are appealing, how shapes work together, how does their name or logo bring their brand to life?

4. Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate your business name or logo, something simple and straightforward is usually most effective. You are aiming for a name that is easy to understand and remember and a logo that will be recognisable. Recently, national telecoms firm BT has confirmed plans to rebrand and is expected to be using a flat, very simplistic logo.

5. Don’t be afraid to outsource

Just as your company has strengths and offers a particular product or service to meet a need, there are companies who specialise in branding. Wherever you are, there is likely to be a suitable branding agency Cheltenham, for example, has many agencies. When considering a branding agency Cheltenham or any other town has to offer, be sure to look at their portfolio and choose a company you feel you can work well with.

6. Don’t rush into a decision

You will be keen to finalise everything as soon as possible but make sure you take the time to get the name and logo perfect for your brand. These are staying with you so don’t rush into a decision and settle for something that is less than perfect. Be patient and you will find something that captures your brand successfully.

An Introduction to the Lasting Power of Attorney

In recent years a lasting power of attorney (LPA) has become an issue for many families.

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With people living longer and losing their ability to make their own decisions due to a lack of mental capacity, LPAs have become an option which many people are taking up.

They give the individual more control over what happens if they become ill or have an accident which means their ability to make their own decisions is impaired. As a donor you may appoint an attorney or attorneys to make decisions for you.

Legal Advice

You must be over 18 years of age and a British citizen or live in the UK to make an LPA, which can either relate to health and welfare or involve property and financial matters.

It is important to take legal advice on such a vital matter which will not only affect yourself but also your family. In legal centres such as Gloucester solicitors will be able to offer advice on this kind of legal instrument and can be found online at sites such as

If you are concerned about your future health needs, an LPA can help you appoint a trusted person or more than one to make important decisions about your care needs if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

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An LPA relating to property and financial matters will mean that you will avoid the court appointing someone to make those decisions for you. Often you will want to choose someone who understands your needs and requirements.

Too Late

Often individuals and families leave it too late to initiate an LPA, since it must be made whilst you are able to understand the documents and what you are signing. They should be executed well before they are likely to be needed. If the courts become involved, this may result in an outcome that is not what you would have anticipated.

In many ways they are like an insurance policy. It is possible they may never be needed. Consequently, the sooner you address this issue the better the outcome is likely to be. An LPA cannot be created if you do not have the mental capacity to understand the documentation and the impact it will have on your affairs and care.

If those circumstances arise, the Court of Protection may be called upon.

Top tips to consider when contemplating early retirement

As we are living longer and longer and people are working harder and harder in the youth, people are inevitably looking to retire early. There are some significant areas in terms of your finances that you may wish to look at when taking the option to retire early. One other area that it is important to ensure that you have covered is your Wills and Power Of Attorney. These documents are incredibly important and will ensure that your personal belongings and money will be dealt with accordingly should you loss capacity in anyway and upon on your death will be passed onto your loved ones. In order to ensure that you are making the most of your options you should speak with a wills and probate Cheltenham company such as They will be able to look at your assets and work out the best way to portion these out to your family upon your death.

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People approaching the decision pointon retirement are no longer tied to looking at annuity purchases which, in the light of all-time lows in interest rates, are much less attractive. Investing your own income and living off the income is the alternative. Once you have your legal documents in order such as your wills and power of attorney you can then seek further financial advice on your retirement options.

Talk to an expert

To make the right decision a visit to an independent financial adviser (IFA) is essential. Although the temptation may be to cash in and spend part of a lump sum, looking ahead to how you will sustain your preferred lifestyle means professional advice is needed.


Equities will often make up a large part of your pension pot, but the old adage of what goes up comes down should always be at the forefront of your mind. A range of shares will mean you are less susceptible to market variations.

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Consider the risk

Advisers consider risk, such as concentrating investment in a narrow market.
The cost of managing your investment is also something to consider. Again, technology is driving these costs down and you will want to keep an eye on how much you are being charged for administration of your money.

Manage the losses

Investors often panic when markets adjust, which means you may make losses. The unpredictability of markets means that sometimes you must hold your nerve and not jump from market to market.

Is cash king?

Early retirement may mean for many people that this is the first time they have looked at a major investment other than their house. Cash in the bank may look attractive but interest rates contradict this. Keeping an eye on the stock exchanges will confirm that a diversified investment can out-perform deposit accounts to a startling degree.

Advice can be found at the UK government site and help to resolve any issues which may arise with your existing pension.

The new pension freedoms mean planning ahead is more important than ever.

Keeping computers safe and quick

Many computer users see antivirus software as a vital part of keeping their machine running safely despite the extra strain a large application running in the background puts on a CPU. With a vast range of antivirus software available, it can be difficult to decide which software ‒ if any ‒ to install.

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The right antivirus

An article by Whitson Gordon on the Lifehacker website discusses some of the common misconceptions about why a computer runs slowly and how to improve the speed. Gordon’s tips for a faster PC include not loading more than one antivirus suite, as this will gravely slow the computer without improving security in any significant way, and for users to take an active role in monitoring their computer’s programmes and software updates. Even a good, lightweight antivirus will not stop machines grinding to a halt under the weight of bloated and useless additional programmes and updates.  This can mean sitting for hours wasting precious time.  If your doing this 5 days a week then you will want to make sure you and your business invests in decent office and Reception Chairs at sites like so at least you are comfortable when sitting down to work through your antivirus.

According to the Guardian, a senior executive at technology company Symantec has branded antivirus software ‘dead’ in the face of new malware threats. Brian Dye bases this stark forecast on a calculation that antivirus software catches only around 45% of malware attacks, with over 50% of malware packages now too sophisticated to be thwarted simply by a firewall-type protector. As Symantec was a pioneer in antivirus and currently produces Norton suites, there is some credence to Dye’s insistence that his company is right to begin scaling down its antivirus work in favour of detect and respond programmes.

Software testing services

For the average computer owner installing one lightweight antivirus suite remains advisable. While Dye’s path for the future may eventually come to fruition, a properly protected computer will still keep out more viruses and malware than an unprotected one. Going forward, and companies who offer software testing services in the vein of Dye’s detect and respond paradigm will concentrate on testing programmes, tracking hacks and updating passwords rather than passively protecting systems.

For the majority of computer owners antivirus still has an important role to play, but overly-cumbersome suites can hamper the speed of systems. At this time the average computer user should look for a lightweight antivirus suite offering basic protection and should frequently review both their antivirus situation and the volume of programmes loaded onto their machine.

Gloucestershire is great and here is why

Those who live in Gloucestershire are very lucky indeed. It is without doubt, one of the more beautiful of English counties. Blessed with a river side location and not too far from other major cities, its proximity to Wales has also provided it with strategic importance for thousands of years.  Part of the county is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and to keep it that way things like hedge cutting, litter picking and landscaping need to be kept on top off which could be done by a Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire company like This Makes it the perfect destination for a stunning rural wedding or event. Here are some more things that make Gloucestershire a highly desirable place to visit and live:

The villages

Prince Charles once famously replied that what made Gloucestershire so special were its villages. It is easy to agree when you’ve seen the gorgeous yew trees at Painswick churchyard, taken a walk through quaint Bibury, or viewed the historic buildings of Tetbury. The county has countless villages, all with their unique personalities and attractions. Tetbury is also a great place for shopping, with a wonderful marketplace and plenty of antique stores.

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The Royals

It must be good if the Royal family choose it for some of their residence. Gatcombe is the home to the Princess Royal and Highgrove belongs to the Prince of Wales. The Badminton Horse Trials are also staged on the Duke of Beaufort’s estate in the county. Kings and Queens of old also made the county their home, with impressive residences including Berkeley Castle, where Edward II was murdered in 1327, Sudeley Castle and St Briavels.

The Literature Festival

The Cheltenham Literature Festival was the first festival to be staged of its kind and has been replicated right across the globe. It was first held during the late 1940s and is fascinating event, attracted thousands of visitors and big names in the world of literature.

The Cheltenham Festival

One of the most major events in the world of horse-racing takes place in Gloucestershire at Cheltenham Racecourse. Hugely popular and attracting many thousands during the week it is held, it firmly puts Cheltenham on the map.

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Country houses & Dry-stone Walls

If you love a country estate or manor, then Gloucestershire won’t let you down. Sezincote is set in some of the loveliest grounds anywhere in England and the house at Eyford won a Country Life favourite house competition. Traditional dry-stone walls can be viewed in abundance here, with 4,000 miles of them in the Cotswolds.Cider With Rosie

Laurie Lee’s iconic tale of rural Gloucestershire life is based on his early life in the Slad Valley. For anyone who fell in love with his book, a visit to the area is a must. Lee was born in 1914, but the area remains as enigmatic and magical today as it did then.

Gloucester Cathedral

Such a fine example that its cloisters have been used in many a TV and film production, including the corridors of Hogwarts for the world-famous Harry Potter movies. Henry III was coronated here and you can view one of the oldest fan-vaulted ceilings in the country.

How is Laminate Made?

Laminate is an extremely versatile type of flooring and offers a cost effective alternative to wooden floors, which is why it has become such a popular choice amongst homeowners. If you’re considering fitting laminate in your home then it can be good to know exactly how it’s manufactured.

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When you have a basic knowledge of how laminate flooring has been made, it enables you to look after it better and assess its performance over the long term. Laminate is manufactured to resemble other flooring types such as hardwood and natural stone, and this is achieved through the different manufacturing processes.

All the Same Underneath

Laminate floors all consist of the same four elements, even if they’re produced in different patterns, textures and designs.

These are a melamine plastic bottom layer that creates stability and protects from moisture. A core board layer is next, which is usually produced using particle board or high-density fibreboard. This enhances the resistance to moisture.

The next stage is the decorative layer that creates the look of the flooring, which is created using a high-resolution photo-reproduction of the natural stone, ceramic tile or wood grain.

This is covered with a durable protective layer that forms a stain resistant surface, providing low maintenance flooring. These layers are bonded together using high-pressurisation to create the laminate flooring that is available.

If your business is making a lot of laminate flooring you may need somewhere to store all the pieces so perhaps looking at a Warehouse Space London company at sites like could be a good an ideal place to start.

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The Manufacturing Process

The raw materials are assembled in large sheets and each separate layer can be put on top of each other with extreme precision and accuracy using the latest technology. Digital camera systems and electronic calibrating equipment enable the sheets to be aligned perfectly.

Hydraulic rams are used to generate an enormous pressure onto the layers and temperatures can reach as high as 400oF. Specialist plates are used to produce textured surfaces that give the laminate a more natural finish.

The pressed sheets are then cooled and stored to allow them to acclimatise, which improves their stability. After this they are cut into individual planks and profiled to produce the tongue and grooves that lock them together easily. Laser and electronic cutting systems allow extremely accurate edges to be produced, so that they fit perfectly.

The final step before distribution is the quality check to ensure that the finish, colour, texture, size and interlocking elements are correct.

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