How VR can help engineers

For a while. Virtual Reality (VR) was something found only in futuristic films and novels. But in today’s world, it is fast becoming an increasingly valuable tool across a range of industries.

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In the engineering space, Goldman Sachs has predicted that VR software that is specifically for engineering will generate revenues of $1.5bn by 2020, increasing to in excess of $4.5bn by 2025.

VR in the engineering sphere has given rise to the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) which enables full room configurations that can be used for walkthroughs and presentations – and all at a reasonable cost. This can significantly boost collaboration during the product development phase.


BIM technology trends will impact on how engineers work in the future, and VR will be an important part of that. To learn more about BIM technology, why not take a look at the website of an expert such as BIM technology?

Other benefits/uses of VR in engineering

Cost savings – whilst a CAVE setup doesn’t come cheap, it can realise some significant benefits and potentially pay for itself several times over through its savings in the long term. VR can replace some of the very early stages of prototyping, allowing engineers to manipulate individual components to check that they will fit with the overall product. They can also manipulate various tolerances and dimensions to see how different setups change the output of processes such as plastic injection moulding. Using VR for early design tests can reduce overall development costs.

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Design – for design engineers, instead of having to try and design 3D objects in a 2D environment, VR offers a much more accurate representation of parts or components as they actually will appear. VR offers considerable potential for the designers of the future.

Collaboration – CAVE setups create a virtual environment where designers, quality assurance specialists, engineers, and other stakeholders can work together in real space and real time. They are much safer than traditional environments as there is no risk from electrics or moving parts.

Presentations – entrepreneurs can bin their PowerPoint slides, and engineers and other creatives can scale-back on their descriptions and will no longer have to rely on potential investors being able to ‘imagine’ scenarios. Instead, VR offers a fantastic way to share the experience of a product/design with potential investors, colleagues, and other stakeholders.a


Top Reasons to Grab Some Winter Sun

Winter can be a pretty miserable affair. Dark skies, not enough hours of sunlight, cold and damp. Don’t you ever wonder if taking a holiday during the winter would make more sense than going away during the pleasant summer months? Well, it turns out that a spot of winter sun could be just what the doctor ordered. Scientific studies reveal that the sun has a whole host of positive benefits, aside from just making us a little cheerier! So, here are the top reasons why you should ditch the scarf and gloves and replace them with a swimsuit and beach towel instead:

Vitamin D

Sunshine gives us vitamin D, as much as 90% of what we need. Vitamin D is essential for protecting us against diseases and slowing down the ageing process! Just 15 minutes of beautiful sunshine a day will provide your daily boost of essential vitamin D, less than the time it takes to start to get sunburn.

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Maintain your weight

University researchers recently found that a certain exposure to UV rays helps the body to release nitric oxide. This is a protein that can help slow down the onset of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Who knew that a winter sun holiday could help so much? Ditch the mince pies and grab a sangria instead!

Mood Boosting

Vitamin D is not only essential for fighting against disease, but it can literally put you in a better mood. Studies have shown that vitamin D has a similar effect to antidepressants, providing a boost to your mood. The better your vitamin D absorption, the better your mood. Let the sun make you happy this winter with a holiday to the perfect winter sun destinations of Lanzarote and Tenerife. For flights to the Canary Islands from Irish Airports, visit

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Sleep Better

Getting out in the sun, for even as little as 15 minutes a day, can help shut down your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel drowsy. This helps your body clock to wind down when it starts to get dark again, ensuring a better night’s sleep.

Decrease blood pressure

Anyone suffering from high blood pressure will benefit from UV ray exposure. Blood pressure levels dropped significantly for an hour after going out in the sunshine for just two lots of 20 minutes.

Enjoy winter sun with care

As with any sun exposure, be sure to use sunscreen and cover up during the hottest parts of the day and you can enjoy all the benefits that the sun brings without any of the harmful effects. Make the most of your winter sun holiday and optimise your vitamin D intake by eating lots of greens rich in antioxidants, use a high factor sunscreen and try a sun monitoring app on your phone to let you know exactly how long you’ve been out in the rays.


What is sustainable architecture?

The term ‘sustainable architecture’ has become more prevalent throughout the construction industry in recent times. Also known as green architecture or green building, many projects are now embracing this concept.

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According to Science Direct, sustainable architecture involves buildings that are designed and constructed with environmentally-friendly principles at their forefront.

Important aspects of sustainable architecture

In sustainable architecture, buildings are designed and constructed in a way that minimises the impact they have on their environment. They need to be energy efficient and have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their inhabitants.

Requests from consumers can be satisfied with sustainable architecture. Right from the beginning, the plans involve natural resources and the time needed to ensure that the space and the materials are completely reusable.

Certain fundamental elements need to be considered when designing sustainable buildings. These include natural ventilation, shading from existing buildings, orientation, and the use of technologies such as biomass and renewable energy systems.

Projects are approached holistically, with the social and psychosocial aspects considered alongside those of an environmental and technical nature.

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Materials used in sustainable architecture

Recycling is extremely important in sustainable architecture and almost everything used should have the ability to be recycled. Modular buildings are built with materials that can easily be retrieved, meaning that they can either be used again or ethically disposed of so that they do not cause any pollution by recycling them. Traditional buildings can be enhanced with materials such as brick cladding to improve their sustainability.

Modern composite elements are often made from different layers of materials bonded together chemically. This means they are very difficult to separate and pose difficulties when it comes to recycling, which restricts the spread of sustainable architecture.

Many modern materials, such as brick cladding, can be regarded as green or sustainable because they improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Some new materials have been said to set sustainable architecture back because they are so hard to reuse.

Unusual building materials

Materials such as cardboard tubes have been used to create structures by Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect, while Earthships Biotecture has created projects using a variety of materials. Its passive solar buildings have loadbearing walls made from materials such as clay, dirt, wood, hay and dirt-filled tyres, with non-loadbearing walls created from bottles or cans.

Making sense of the world around them

Cats are incredible creatures and you may have noticed that they are incredible agile and light on their feet. When you drop your cat off at a Cheltenham Cattery whilst you are away for a week, you may see them looking around every corner of the pen that they are going to be staying in, sniffing and looking around at everything. This is one of the most amazing features of cats, their incredible use of their senses. Read more

Staying visible in dangerous environments

For those working in quarries, they are working in one of the most hazardous industries in the world. The mining and quarrying industry has a higher fatality rate than the construction and manufacturing industries combined. The accidents and deaths that occur in quarry work are mainly due to maintenance work, vehicle accidents, falling from height and accidents with fixed machinery. Read more

What is a thread lift?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures to help enhance your natural beauty and halt the effects of aging it can seem like there are an incredible number of options to choose from. The procedure that works best for one person may not be the same as for another as the results are very unique to the individual and will depend very much on the outcome that they are looking for.

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Thread lift is one such treatment. In order to remove the risks of a full cosmetic facelift, many people are turning to this much less invasive treatment. Here is some infaomrtion about the procedure that is perfromed by Thread Lift Cardiff companies such as

A thread lift is classed as a non-surgical procedure as it does not require the use of a general anaesthetic or extensive surgical work to be undertaken. Instead the procedure takes place with the use of a local anaesthetic. The loose skin that is causing the look of aging or saggy appearance in the face is not removed as with a traditional facelift. It is instead held back with tiny sutures that are used to hold the portions of skin up. The procedure itself can also promote the health healing process of producing large amounts of collagen in the affected area, that the body naturally carries out which in itself can make for a more youth appearance. Collagen is a natural product produced by the body and it plays an important role in the appearance of young looking skin. Collagen is used in many skin care products to help boost the body’s natural supply and retain a youthful look for longer.

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Collagen is also responsible for the healing of wound sites and it is this combination of functions that makes it so important for health and young looking skin. As we age the amount of collagen that is naturally produced by our bodies decrease which is what leads to the aging signs in our skin.

One of the main advantages of a thread lift over a full facelift procedure is that the recovery time is much less as is the risk of infection and there is no need for full sedation meaning you can be back to your normal everyday activities within no time. The risk of scarring is also greatly reduced and as long as you follow the after care guideline you are given by your chosen professional you will probably have very little pain or swelling around the site of the sutures.

How do dishwashers work in 2019?

Dishwashers have become an appliance that many homes and businesses cannot live without, and they offer an easy and effective solution to piles of dirty dishes.

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Amazingly, dishwashers work on a very simple principle is essentially the same as having a shower. There is no high-tech secret that makes a dishwasher effective, and when you look at its mechanics, it is amazingly simple.

Nowadays, with such a heavy focus on saving water you even get dishwashers that use a minimal amount of water or recycle their own water for re-use.  This can become a problem of course if you have a drain blocked as water can effect your plumbing.  Should you ever have this problem you can consult businesses like who will perform drain lining surveys and keep your drains running clear.

To get a better understanding of the mechanics of a dishwasher, let’s take a look at how one works.

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From start to finish

Once the dishwasher has been loaded and the liquid soap or tablet has been added, cold water is piped into the machine from your standard supply. The machine has a heating element at the bottom – and possibly on the sides – that is powered by electricity. The element warms the water up to between 30 and 60°C (86 and 140°F), and a pump then pushes it through the side walls of the machine.

The heat of a dishwasher‘s water is important, as it is far hotter than any hand wash would ever be.

As the water squirts out the side, it spins the paddle found at the top and in the middle of the machine around and distributes the flow evenly. The water then bounces off all the dishes in the dishwasher and falls to the bottom, where it is reheated and cycles again.

During the wash cycle, the tablet or liquid soap will be released into the well of the dishwasher and the soapy water it creates will be sprayed across the plates. If you have used rinse aid, this will be released during the rinse cycle.

After the rinse cycle, the paddle will come to a stop and the dishes can be removed as needed.

Plumbed Hot Dishwashers

The example given focuses on a cold-plumbed dishwasher, but there are also those that are plumbed with hot water. These will work faster because there is no need for an internal element to heat the water up.


How to have a comfortable coach trip

One of the best things about going on a coach trip is that you get to sit back and relax, watch the world go by as someone else does all the driving! No two coach trips are the same, depending on your destination, season, country and duration but here are some great tips for any coach trip.

  1. Wear loose clothing

If you want to be comfortable, then dress in loose-fitting clothing that’s perfect for travel. Choose an outfit with layers so you can adjust what you’re wearing if the temperature changes during your journey.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Never mind fashion, you want to be comfortable on your feet. Ideally, wear a pair that can easily be removed or loosened while seated. Remember to circle your feet and ankles when you’re sedentary and point and flex your toes regularly. For your next trip, consider Dorset Coach Hire. Dorset coach hire by Turners Coaches is a great choice for the discerning traveller.

  1. Travel pillow

Nodding off is easy when you’re being lulled by the motion of the coach. Don’t risk waking with a painful crick in your neck and take a travel pillow with you for maximum comfort.

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  1. Regularly stretch your legs

Take every opportunity to get off the coach and stretch your legs, even if you don’t need a rest break or to buy anything. It’s a great excuse to have a stretch, take a look around and even get chatting to your fellow passengers. It will also help you to stay refreshed and energised on reaching your destination.

  1. Carry some small change

Depending on where you are, some service stations and tourist attractions may charge a small fee for using the toilet facilities. Having some change handy will make life much easier when you make a quick stop somewhere.

  1. Take a good book or two

Whether you fancy losing yourself in a good fiction or want to take the opportunity to read up on where you’re about to visit, a coach trip is the perfect chance to catch up on some reading.

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  1. Music

Whether you’ll be given complimentary headphones, or you decide to take your own personal device, relaxing to your favourite tunes is the perfect way to watch the world go by and drift away.

  1. Language programmes

Why not take the time to learn a new language as you travel? There are many language CDs and books that go with them to help beginners learn the lingo of where they are about to visit. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to practise once you get there.

  1. Write in a diary

Why not write a journal of your experiences while you’re travelling? It will help you to remember everything when you return home and is a great way to identify places in the photos you take.

Surviving the freezing temperatures of the Arctic

When it comes to surviving in the cold weather animals have adapted to this much better than we have as humans in terms of their physical make up. We have developed intellectually, which is why we are seen as the most advanced mammal that there is on the planet. This means that rather than having to adapt the way that our bodies work or seek shelter we have actually created the technology like of Boiler repair Gloucester companies such as in order to be able to manipulate the environment around us to be more pleasing temperature. If we are cold we simply turn up the heating and if we are warm some people have access to air conditioning or we simply open the windows and use fans in the room.

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Here are some animals that have adapted in order to survive in the cold temperature of the Arctic region.

Musk Oxen – probably the largest mammal in the Arctic area the Oxen also have thick, long dark hair across the entirety of their bodies. Unlike the hair on our body their hairs are actually hollow in the middle.This helps to trap air next to body which in itself acts as a insulator for keeping their bodies warm. When the extreme cold temperature arise you will find the oxen in groups, huddling together to share their body warmth.

Arctic Hare – Much like most of the animals that you will find in this region the arctic hare has thick hare across its body which helps to protect it against some of the cold temperatures but in order to keep warm they will huddle together in large groups and it is not unheard of to see nearly a hundred hares all grouped together to share their body heat with one another. The colour of their fur also means that they can camouflage themselves against the snowy backdrop away from their many predators.

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Lemmings – we aren’t talking about the little green men who are trying to find their way home in the popular game of the same name. Lemmings are small creatures that live in the Arctic region. They are adapted to dealing with the freezing temperatures as they have long, thick fur and they burrow underneath the snow into the ground in order to keep warm during the winter seasons. The snow acts as an insulator keeping the tunnels surprisingly warm for the lemmings to survive in all year round.

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