Purr!! There is a Flea on my Fur…

Have you noticed your cat behaving strange off late? Does she keep on scratching her back continuously? Did you ever find something crawling on your cat’s fur? If all this is true, then probably your cat is suffering from fleas.

Flea infestation is common in cats. Fleas are a big nuisance for cats and can turn a happily purring cat into a crazy cat meowing with pain and irritability. If your cat is an outdoor junkie and loves to twist, turn, and play in mud, she is more prone to developing flea infestation. Moreover, if your cat is of a playful nature and loves to play and fight with other cats and dogs, she is one of the top candidates for fleas.

Flea infestation should not be taken lightly. Some cats are extremely sensitive to flea saliva and may develop serious allergies. Fleas are blood-sucking pests; hence they make your cat weak and malnourished. At times, flea infestation could be fatal, and you lose your cat in the bargain. Once you suspect your cat displaying any abnormal behavior, show her to a vet for a possible flea infestation. If you are experienced in pet care, treat them on time before it gets too late.

One way to prevent your cat from contracting fleas is by maintenance of hygiene. Clean and well-vacuumed beddings, furniture, and corners discourage fleas from breeding. Another way to keep away your cats from contracting fleas is by training your cats not to play in the mud or visit dirty areas like the backyard or the kennel where the infected dog lives Discarding dirt from vacuum pumps and cleaning them well is essential to ensuring that you do not harbor flea larvae which increases the population of fleas. Make sure your carpet or the sofas where cats sleep or roll around for the maximum time are well dusted and cleaned.

Treat your cat on spotting the first signs of flea infestation. Since it is a parasitic infection, any delay in treatment will only serve to worsen the problem. Fleas develop from larvae which then lay eggs. Thus, flea multiplication occurs fast, and the cats are laden with greater number of parasites on their fur making them sicker and weaker.

You must take care not to treat cats with treatment meant only for dogs. What is meant for dogs won’t work for cats, but it may aggravate the problem of cats by causing allergies and other adverse reactions. Frontline for cats is highly recommended by vets as an effective spot-on skin application treatment for flea infestation in cats. It provides protection to cats against lice, ticks, and fleas. Apart from saving your cat from being irritated by flea bites, you protect them from developing serious diseases. These diseases don’t just remain confined to your pet, but they could pass on to you too. So, flea infestation in your cat must raise a red flag in your mind and prod you towards prompt treatment. Frontline for cats is an easy-to-apply treatment and has been very effective against treatment of flea allergy dermatitis in cats.

Never be under the wrong notion that cats require protection from fleas only during summer. In fact, they are vulnerable to flea infestation any time of the year. For superior quality cat flea treatment, try advocate for cats. This treatment works against all stages of flea infestation and provides longer lasting protection for up to 4 weeks.

You may buy this product online at discounted prices. You get a different pack for different cat sizes (large cat=4-8 kg; small cat=up to 4 kg). You don’t have to bother your cat every now and then. With just one spot-on skin application of advocate for cats, you ensure a monthly protection against not just fleas but mixed parasitic infections like ear mite infestation, roundworm, hookworm, and heartworm.

So, keep your cat free of fleas and happily meowing with joy.

The Golf Can Be Played As A Part Of Wellness

Though all around the world wants to play golf but they won’t be getting a chance to play it even once. This makes them check for those places where they can hold the golf stick at least once in their lifetime. There are many ways to make use of the available facilities. It is not only for the local residents but also for foreigners who want to play and give a try. One can play it with other players or can make it alone. For those who are new can also get some coaching as how to hold the sticks and hit the ball. Some of the golf is played with a hole nearby but some might need bigger golf round to play it.

The golf I Tyskland will make the wish come true. The place is found to be encouraging people to play golf either as a professional or for timepass. One can click on the site available for this purpose and can get the information. Sometimes it needs prebooking and people should know about it. The websites are found to be helping people to know where all they can go and what all eh facilities are available in each place. This also helps them to decide what makes the best decision and how to make use of the available facility. It should also be known whether the place has high price or one can afford it. Comparing sites might give the best choice with affordable rates. This helps people to make the payment of the money on time and get play it and he date of choice.

For those who want to a place to stay as well as play, they can always visit site. This is such a place where people can book a room for themselves. This is for those foreigners are those who are in a far place from the hotel, who want to make a stay. The stay will prove to be the right choice as people won’t get it in other places. There are not many places which offer golf as a wellness option and this can be seen here. The hotel also provides other refreshment and the rooms are well spaced. The customer can enjoy the service as they will get almost everything they are looking for in this place. This makes them that they have paid to such a place which is worth.

Creative ways to use your steam irons

You have used the steam iron for pressing perfect pleats into your pants & iron the wrinkles out of your shirts. But did you ever know that irons can also help with cleaning &repair projects & in the maintenance around the house? You might probably use the steam irons regularly to press the clothes for work, but why don’t you use these pressing irons to work around the home? A steam iron can eliminate wrinkles from your tablecloths, curtains & bedding plus your clothes.

Read on to discover the several creative ways to use your steam irons.

To take away wax from the Linen:

A steam iron is a great tool for removing the wax by melting it from linens. Just place a couple of paper towels on the wax & then press them with the steam iron. The wax will be transmitted to the towels as the wax melts. When you pick up the steam iron, just move the paper towels along with it to prevent the wax from re-depositing again on the linen.

To fluff up the crushed carpets

We all have experienced the same: when we move a piece of furniture, you will find the ugly compressed carpet where the furniture is placed earlier. In order to level the crushed carpet, use a spoon to release the fibers and then hold a hot steam iron over the crushed area & let the steam fluff up the carpeting.

To iron on veneer

A steam iron is a just right choice for applying iron-on veneer patches or edging. The heat generated from the steam iron will activate the glue present on the veneer. Then you can easily cut the veneer to the required size of your choice, cover up it with a cloth or a piece of heavy paper to guard the surface & then press with your steam iron to activate the glue.

To fix the dents & dings on wood furniture

To fix the dings & dents on wooden furniture, stab several holes into the wood using a pin, place a somewhat moist cloth over the furniture & then place the steam iron just on top of the pinned furniture area. This penetrates the essential moisture which helps to swell the wood to its original dimension.

To repair unfastened vinyl tile

Vinyl tiles now and then come out of the floor. To repair these tiles, cover them using an aluminum foil & move the hot steam iron back & onward over the affected area; the result is the heat from the steam iron will then reactivate the tile adhesive. Then, just heap a couple of books on the tile to hold the repair down for some hours.

Protection tip: Aluminum foil might get hot so does not get burned.

To fix the damaged or broken vinyl

The same steam iron which helps to stick an unfastened vinyl tile be able to also assist in removing a broken tile. The same principle as above applies here too: using the steam heat to reactive the glue. Place the aluminum foil on the tile & run the steam iron over the broken tile to release the adhesive. Then to remove the tile, use a wide putty knife. The small quantity of vinegar will take away any adhesive residue. Then you can simply replace a new tile.

To iron more efficiently

Place a layer of aluminum foil beneath the cover on the ironing board, the heat generated from the steam iron will reflect back of the foil & will aid you iron twice as fast.

Explore New and Unique Trends in Giving Great Gifts

Sometimes there are products which capture the collective imagination and become the top gifts to give and receive. Particularly at Christmas, there are some gifts which are the most coveted. Cast your mind back to Transformers, Beanie Babies, Furbies and more recently Tamagotchis.

Gifts with thought behind them

Trends in gifts come and go; there will always be an enticing new product or idea to hit the market. If you are lucky and have a good feel for things that increase in value, you will never have opened some of those gifts you just had to have when you were a child. However, in more recent years there has been a shift from everyone wanting the latest gadget immediately to more thoughtful gift giving.

People often prefer a thoughtful gift that was sold at an affordable price to one that is showy and easily purchased without much thought. Certain occasions demand more thoughtful gifts: landmark birthdays, thank you gifts and christening gifts. When receiving christening invitations UK customers tend to search for gifts that are practical, special and which can be cherished from childhood into adulthood. This sort of occasion does not call for a disposable gift.

What are the latest trends in gifts?

Nowadays people have taken to giving experiences as gifts. You can find a wide variety of experiences on offer. They could be relaxing and calming, like a spa day, massage and beauty treatment or a Michelin dining experience, or they could be thrilling and adrenaline-pumping, like driving a race car, a flying lesson or an adventure activity such as paintballing. These can sometimes be perfect gifts for someone who it is difficult to buy ‘stuff’ for, or if their passions lie in a particular sport or hobby. These are of course more expensive gifts, but these are best suited to close friends and family on special occasions.

Gift vouchers have also seen a steady rise in popularity. They are not always considered the ‘cop out’ gift to give to someone whom you just did not know what to buy. In fact, for many people, they are the perfect present as they can purchase exactly what they want without having to endure embarrassing exchanges of unwanted or disliked gifts. Another good idea is to buy accessories or add-ons that can be used with expensive gadgets. You may not be able to afford an iPad, but you could certainly get someone a quirky case, docking station, keyboard, headphones or speakers, which are all much more affordable.

To really add the feel-good factor to your gift giving, think outside the box. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible. You could give the gift of setting aside time to spend together. All too often friends and family get neglected as we juggle work schedules and busy lives. A thoughtful gift could simply be arranging something like monthly film nights or dinner nights to ensure you get to spend time with the people who mean the most to you. This is a gift that can be truly appreciated.

Make Lasting Friendships with People like You: How to Make Friends Online

Making friends is not as easy for some people as it is for others. How do you find people that are on your wavelength, that like things that you like, that can really understand you? For some people, it’s harder because they lack confidence, for others, it’s a challenge after moving to a new area, and for some, it’s simply a challenge to find likeminded people. Whether you are looking to make friends or potentially begin a long-term relationship, everyone has to start somewhere, and there are great benefits to using the web to help you on your way.

Why use the internet to find new friends?

If you are looking to find people like you that you can enjoy socializing with, then you should consider the option to make friends online. Many people are put off using the web for making friends because of horror stories out there; how do you know who you are actually speaking to? The reality is today that online socializing sites are becoming more sophisticated. Yes, there are still some people out there that might lie about whom they really are, but the majority of people in online communities are there for genuine reasons.

Using the web to make friends online means can be beneficial for everyone. The web gives you the flexibility to pick and choose whom you speak to, so you can find genuine individuals that are there for the same reasons as you and that want to same reasons as you. So, if you lack confidence or you’ve just moved to a new area, try looking online with the help of a reputable socializing site so you can make friends.

Benefits of using the web to form new friendships

  • Flexibility to choose whom you do and don’t want to speak to
  • Get to know individuals like you without limits from confidence issues
  • Find friends local to you
  • Enjoy getting to know people at your own pace
  • Find likeminded people that you can form lasting friendships with

Choosing to make friends online means you have the power to decide if someone is on your wavelength and if you are likely to get on with them. You don’t have to worry about confidence or anything else holding you back because you have the freedom to get to know someone in great detail before you consider meeting face-to-face. You can know their life story before you meet up if you choose and take it at a pace that suits you. Best of all, you can source individuals that are likeminded to you and create friendships that will last for many years to come. You can find people that are looking for relationships, just like you, and socialize online until you are ready to socialize in person.

Using the web to build new relationships and find new friends is the ultimate solution. Whether you lack confidence, you have just moved to a new area, or you are working all hours of the day, you can still socialize on your own terms when you have the time. Nothing can hold you back when you have the web on your side so you can find those that want long-lasting friendships too. Always use a reputable site so you can enjoy the company of genuine individuals on your wavelength and find new friends to enjoy social time with.

Share your interests, get to know people on your terms, and find individuals that you can build lasting friendships with. Choosing to make friends online can help build your confidence and match you with those like-minded people waiting for your friendship.

The Reel Deal: Advantages of the Push Reel Mower

The push reel mower, unlike its motorized counterparts, is fueled by the power of you. There’s something satisfying about powering your lawn mower and listening to its soothing snips. The benefits of the push reel mower are manifold. The first a time you finish mowing with a push reel mower, wipe away that gratifying sweat and see your symmetrical green lawn, you’ll see what the hype is all about.

The Price is Right

By far, push reel mowers are the cheapest on the market. The price is right for frugal homeowners. Not only will you save on the initial cost, but maintaining reel mowers costs next to nothing too. There’s no gas, oil, and filters to worry about. Some high-quality reel mowers only need their blades sharpened once per decade.

Lawn Health & Appearance

Reel mowers cut your lawn like a barber cuts hair. Motorized mowers cut your lawn by shredding the grass like a dull machete messily chopping through dense brush. You’ll see the difference when inspecting the jagged edges resulting from a motorized mower and the parallel perfection of grass blades courtesy of the push reel mower. Reel mowers can’t be bested as they consistently produce well-groomed lawns with the precision of barber shears. Because of the clean cuts, your lawn remains healthy, verdant and more resistant to lawn disease, according to


We’ve all heard the cacophony of gas-powered motors revving to life on weekend mornings. Push reel motors emit only the soft sonic snip of metal slicing grass. With these manual mowers, you no longer have to worry about waking the entire neighborhood and harming your own ears with damaging decibels.

Safety First

One false move can transform your power mower from a lawn care tool to a fatal slicing machine. In 2010, more than 200,000 Americans suffered from lawn mower-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on Power mowers can flip and decimate your digits or the spinning blades can eject a rock at hundreds of miles per hour. Push reel mowers pose nearly no risk, in comparison. Rocks will jam the mower instead of turning them into blinding projectiles, and the blades stop spinning when you stop moving.


“The exchange of 1,000 gasoline-powered lawn mowers for electric mowers has the potential of reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 9.8 tons per year, which is equivalent to removing 230 cars from the highways,” according to You’d be further serving the environment by using a manual mower. It doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than a push reel mower.

A Caveat

Even though the push reel mower offers a slew of advantages, they’re not right for every person and every lawn. Tallgrass is a major challenge for manual mowers, and if your lawn grows preternaturally fast, you may want to consider a mower with more power. It’s a great exercise when mowing with a reel mower, but any yard larger than a typical suburban lawn may require a significant chunk of time and energy to cut.

The Truth Behind Common Hardwood Flooring Myths

There are lots of myths surrounding home decorating, and quite a few pertain to real wood on the floor. Here are just some of the theories you may hear and why they might not necessarily be true.

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They are expensive

We associate real hardwood floors with luxury; we see them in grand period homes, so we assume that they’re beyond the reach of a “regular Joe.” In reality, real wood doesn’t have to break the bank. Do your research because some grades and types of wood are cheaper than others.

They are not good for the environment

This very much depends on the type of wood you choose and how it is produced. There is a growing number of manufacturers who are committed to sustainable practices. Check for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo if you have any doubt.

Difficult to maintain

You might think it’s all about constant polishing, waxing and sanding, but in fact, a regular sweep is generally sufficient for the most part. Wooden floors are hardwearing, and any scratches can be gently sanded out if necessary.

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Once you have decided on a solid wood flooring, consult a specialist retailer like Wood Floor Warehouse, and then you’ll be ready to think about the aesthetics of design and finishing the scheme. See the Ideal Home’s guide.

What you choose now doesn’t have to be the flooring you’re stuck with forever. If you change your mind, try a new finish or add a new rug.

When Concrete had all the answers

After the Second World war most of Europe’s cities were in pieces. City centres and housing had been smashed by 6 years of conflict and what was needed was a plan to rebuild and rebuild quickly so that the continent could get back on it’s feet in terms of commerce, governmental and educational buildings, employment for men and women retuning from the war, and affordable housing for everyone. The answer to this was seen to be concrete and the fact that with a steel structure to pour it on building could have new design and more importantly be built quickly and cheaply. It was a truly Modernist answer to an age-old problem.

The first use was for high rise accommodation that required, once it was finished it required Block Management Services of the type that can be provided by companies such as although the original services were not as good by any means. Influenced by the artist Le Corbusier designs set out to create a the most function looking building they could imagine with the emphasis being how the building worked. Any sense of the ornamental was superfluous and not needed. After the war there was a push to disregard the past as it had lead to the conflict and new ideas needed to be encouraged.

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The most important element of the Brutalist building is not that it looks pretty. The true joy of the Brutalist building is that if its doing its job then that is its real beauty, form and function precede over all considerations. They are “unpretentiously honest” what you see if very much what you get. The style has had many critics even some suggesting that it would have been better to leave the original rubble in the first place. The problem is that initially the building looks amazing but over time as the concrete weathers it, it becomes stained making it look very shabby and worn. This is very true in temperate areas like Britain, Scandinavian countries and the Coast of Europe. The Soviet Union embraced the concept whole heartedly and this soon began a stereotype of the gloomy politburo/KGB dungeon so favoured by its western critics. One famous British example was the reviled Tricorn centre in Portsmouth now demolished. Others, still standing include.

Image Credit

  1. Trellick Tower Flats – London
  2. Boston City Hall
  3. Unite d’habitation – Marsellie
  4. Balfron Tower Flats – London
  5. Habitiat 67- Montreal
  6. Western City Gate – Belgrade
  7. Indian Universtity Art Museum – Bloomgington
  8. Torre Velasca – Milan
  9. Sainte Marie de La Tourette – Eveux
  10. AfE – Turm – Frankfurt.

Although now out of favour Brutalism remains a diverse and engaging form of architectural design that has and will continue to cause controversy.

How to retain your best employees

Being an employer is never easy. Your time is spent juggling deadlines, overheads and an ever-shifting workload. While there are only limited efforts you can make to improve the performance of the office, there is one area where you can make a real impact: staffing.

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It goes without saying that some employees perform better than others. It’s just human nature. And while in an ideal world you would have all employees working at their optimum level at all times, this is often unrealistic. Instead, you should focus on retaining those employees who work the hardest by keeping them engaged. Hand over those interesting assignments and new deals that are just sitting on your desk.

Offer up big business accounts looking for a new manager

Good employees will be naturally keen to improve, so by giving them more interesting tasks and greater responsibility they’ll stay motivated and on-target for success. Seeing the preferential treatment given to the hardest workers may also serve to motivate other staff to work harder too, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

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However, giving a hard-working employee added responsibility may be a steep learning curve. Even your best employee is likely to make mistakes, and how you deal with this will affect their motivation. Regular debriefings with your employee, and genuine but constructive feedback on their performance will help them and your business grow. This is also a good time to also introduce long-term goals for your employee. Listen to their business aims and set realistic milestones for them to achieve. Giving them a mentor, perhaps a long-time member of staff, will provide them with a sounding board and a great example to learn from. This, along with solid praise when the time is right, can convince employees with cold feet to stay with your company long-term.

On praise

Different employees have different ideas of what praise represents. OC Tanner, one of the world’s largest providers of employee recognition programmes, found that younger employees are more prone to need frequent, spontaneous rewards, such as a trip to Ermanno palace floor-ermanno- palace/, whereas older employees prefer to receive praise only when their performance has been exceptional.

The first step in any successful business is a motivated team built on great communication. Make sure that you’re a manager who listens as well as speaks.

What are the alternatives to whiteboards?

It’s not difficult to understand why whiteboards are so effective in the classroom. The benefits include improved learning, increased participation and easier structure for the teacher.

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Different ways to learn

There are, however, a number of other alternatives to dry wipe magnetic whiteboards that can help students learn more and enjoy themselves in the process. In this article, we take a look at some quirky learning techniques to add a different element to teaching.

Vinyl lives again

Vinyl hasn’t quite had its day; a low-cost approach to classroom learning incorporates vinyl spots. These “spots”, which are often table mat size, transform desks and tables into open writing spaces. They don’t have the same ease of use as dry wipe magnetic wipeboards, but they do adhere nicely and can be stuck not only to tabletops but also to walls, allowing teachers and students alike to write on them.

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Try harder

Dry erasable pockets may not tick all the boxes that whiteboards like those at do, but they are environmentally friendly in the sense that they allow students to practise classroom tasks on any number of occasions without wasting paper.

Keep those plates spinning

A cheap and planet-saving alternative are plastic plates. They are cheap to purchase and can be used a multitude of times, and they avoid mountains of wasted paper. Students can use dry erase markers and answers are immediately available to the teacher.

Clean slate

Whiteboards are a great way of actively involving students in the learning process; another good alternative that is worth exploring, however, is using mini-chalkboards. This allows for pupils to be engaged and interacting with the teacher and subject. Indeed, there are many schools where the blackboard is still the most common form of learning.

Learning for life

Research demonstrates that students learn better when they’re fully engaged and hands-on, multisensory learning is the most effective way to engage them. Whatever you choose – whether it’s vinyl spots or whiteboards – such technology ensures that both students and their teachers are developing 21st-century skills. Creating classroom environments where pupils with different learning styles can engage and learn is the key to future success. Businesses are also reaping the rewards of such an approach with meetings and presentations at the very forefront of modern business.

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