Reclaimed stone in construction benefits

Stone is one of those classic and timeless materials that always looks great and is incredibly durable. It is so durable that it can be repurposed and re-used, and there are a number of advantages in doing this.

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Value and versatility

Stone is one of those substances that looks good almost anywhere and has an almost infinite range of applications. While stone can be expensive, reclaimed stone is much less pricey. When you buy reclaimed stone, you could save up to one-third on the price of new stone, and your reclaimed stone will look just as good if not better.

If there are marks on the reclaimed stone that you don’t like, the bits or areas with damage need not be included; however, weathered stone can possess a beauty that comes from age and use. This can give it an extra dimension of rustic beauty that brand-new stone simply will not have.

Reclaimed stone can be used in many areas of the home, including fireplaces, patios, window sills and for walls.  So this could make doing an inspection easy when customers move in or out as the quality and condition of stone can stay amazing or a long time.  Most landlords will use things like an Inspection app to record all inventory, details and finances.  So why not pop over to sites including to

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Good for the environment

Using reclaimed materials is good for the environment in so many ways, as it reduces waste, avoids adding more discarded stuff to landfill sites, and extracts further use from perfectly good materials. In addition, stone is a natural and non-toxic substance that won’t give off fumes or cause allergic reactions.

An article in the Telegraph explains more about the environmental advantages of using reclaimed stone.

If you feel inspired to find out more about using pre-loved stone in your home, it would be worth contacting a reclamation yard to discover more about the options available. A reputable reclamation yard will be able to give you useful tips and advice on the many options you could take advantage of.

Using reclaimed stone in your home is a wonderful idea. It is an amazingly versatile material that can be used in so many areas to deliver an elegant and distinctive finish. Reclaimed stone will also save you money, and you can use it knowing that you are making an eco-friendly choice that will add value to your home and create long-lasting and timeless beauty that will bring you and your family a great deal of pleasure for many years to come.

Cold Room Insulation facts

Cold rooms are needed by many different companies that have to keep perishable goods fresh. They are possibly most commonly used in the catering and food distribution industries, but are also needed by hospitals and laboratories. The insulation of a cold room is the most important aspect of the appliance, since this is what determines how well the unit functions.

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Problems with Cold Room Insulation

It is important that the cold room door is kept closed whenever possible. With walk in cold rooms particularly, air leakage will occur when the door is opened and the cold heavy air escapes whilst warm air from outside enters the room at a higher level. However good the insulation of your cold room is, leaving the door open for long periods of time will mean it cannot keep your goods as cold as they should be kept.

Moisture is another problem that sometimes affects cold rooms, and this can lead to the growth of mould. Inhaling mould spores can have adverse effects on the health of your employees, and according to the NHS website, it can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. The cold room should be insulated throughout with all areas at the same temperature. Sometimes certain surfaces may become too cold, and when the doors are opened the moist warm air can hit these cold surfaces, causing water droplets to form on them, and this is what can lead to the development of mould.

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This is why keeping a cold room clean and uncluttered is so important. To keep the items stored well perhaps you could invest in garage shelving that can be sourced at Manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and daily checking of the air vents, particularly those that are situated at floor level. It is important that these do not become blocked or become dirty, as this can affect the wear on the motor.

Choosing a walk in cold room should be done with care. They are available in any size to suit your business. It is worthwhile contacting a company for advice prior to making your final decision.

Polyurethane Insulation

This is the most commonly used material for use in insulating cold rooms. It has the advantages of being light and having very low thermal conductivity, which makes it an excellent insulator. Polyurethane is available in different thicknesses and resists decomposition very well so is frequently used in cold room panels.


Get a shepherd’s hut, Don’t follow the flock

Do you need extra space? Maybe you want a playroom for the kids, a home office or just a quiet place in which to relax. Of course you could convert a spare bedroom or an attic, but for many of these things it’s better to get out of the house altogether.

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Having a separate room, in the garden for example, makes the space more special and cuts down on noise and distraction. This is especially important if you’re using it for work. According to government figures over four million of us work from home. Having your office separate from the house helps you maintain a divide between your home and working life but still cuts out that arduous daily commute. If you haven’t got the room and you do want an office local or one that’s ready to move in straight away perhaps an Office Space Reading way could be the ideal one for you.  All you need to do is take a look at what they have to offer at similar links to

Shed your doubts

The obvious answer then is some sort of garden building. Your first thought at this point might be that you don’t want to spend your day sitting in a shed, however, there are attractive alternatives available. It’s possible to get custom-built home office modules, though they may not be especially attractive and you may need to get planning permission to build one.

As a quirky and appealing alternative you might not have considered before are shepherd huts these cabins on wheels were originally designed to provide shelter to shepherds while they looked after their flocks. They offer a traditional look, and they can come with lots of modern benefits too.

You can choose to have your hut fitted out with insulated panelling, electrics, custom furniture, even a wood-burning stove to make it a practical, cosy and comfortable place to work. Steps are supplied for easy access, and the traditional stable door is lockable for security. Of course being on wheels means they can be moved if need be so you can take advantage of different spots in the garden. It also means that they typically don’t need planning permission.

Other uses

Of course a home office isn’t the only purpose to which shepherd huts can be put. You might want to use it as a craft space or just as somewhere to chill out, of course it makes a great playhouse too and the kids can even use it for sleepovers. There are other potential business uses too. If you run a B&B – a sector that contributes over £115 billion to the UK economy – then they can offer extra accommodation. Using a shepherd’s hut could also be a way for farmers and other landowners to add an additional income stream.

Don’t worry about whether it will fit in with its surroundings. Huts can be had with traditional corrugated iron or timber cladding on the outside and can be painted in a choice of colours. Whether you have a modern or period property you can be sure that it will fit in. Walls and floors are fully insulated so that you can use your hut all year round.

Safety in the oil and gas extraction industry

Those employed in the gas and oil extraction industries remain amongst the most at risk of injury and death at work in comparison to all other industries.

There is the continual pressure to produce efficiently, as the cost of drill projects is significant. Additional stress comes from working away from home for long periods of time, lengthy shift patterns and the tough physicality of the job for workers. Such factors can begin to take a toll on worker safety by causing a higher risk of potential human error including the incorrect application of equipment and not adhering consistently to procedures which can lead to a higher likelihood of accidents.

  1. Local emergency response collaboration

Develop relationships with local emergency response organizations and build a consistent flow of communication to provide a higher level of safety overall. Emergency responders, rig hands, and exploration and safety and health professionals must work together to utilize their resources to be ready to handle emergencies quickly and successfully. Discuss specific health and safety hazards at the drilling site and determine the best way to help each other in this emergency. If possible, invite emergency responders to tour drilling sites or rigs to give them clearer ideas about how to approach potential emergencies.

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  1. Keep an eye on mental health

A big factor that adversely impacts safety in this field is employee culture. Remove the “hard man” image and the old-fashioned stereotypes that are linked with workers in the sector by fostering a more open environment via different training methods and team training. Building a sense of togetherness and trust with workers will make it more straight forward for them, and they’ll be more willing to ask for assistance, comply with regulations, admit mistakes, and seek advice to create a more positive and safer environment.

  1. Ensure familiarity with the workplace

Before work begins, make sure everyone who will do the work understands their role, the dangers that exist, and all safety precautions. Requires procedures and hazards to be fully communicated to new workers in the event of transfer of work and changes in work location.

  1. Consistent housekeeping

Reduce the possibility of a fatal accident by keeping the floor, footpath and all work areas clean of unnecessary items to prevent incidents or danger. Apply clear signs that direct workers to emergency and safety equipment to quickly deal with potential hazards.

  1. Stay on top of maintenance

When working on an offshore rig, heavy equipment is your life when you are hundreds of miles from land. Prevent premature machine failure and keep your workers safe by checking machines regularly. Communicate the importance of routine maintenance checks to your workers. For quality components from a Valve Manufacturer, visit

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  1. Give clear visual communication

Strive to eliminate miscommunication and confusion with readable and reliable signs and labels for conveying danger and safety instructions. Make special signs to communicate specific procedures for work crews and specific work locations. Replace obsolete, illegible, and obsolete signage as soon as possible. Check for faded floor markings that require re-application.

  1. Reassess safety signage as projects change

When workplaces, projects, and crews change, take time to assess that the signs and labels are in the correct area and communicate the hazards and procedures that exist before the next project starts; this will ensure danger and details about a particular location.

Starting a fire without matches in the wild

The ability to start a fire in the wilderness is a very important skill to have as this is your only means of cooking food and staying warm. It is not like at home where you can simply turn up the heating to stay warm, along with the help of a Boiler Service Cheltenham company like giving your system a look over each year. A fire will help dry out clothes/equipment, warm up your shelter, boil your water and cook your food. So how can you do this if your matches and lighters have got soaked through in the last deluge? Here’s a step by step way to set up a fire and get it started.

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Create a tinder nest

To start any fire, you need to create a tinder nest. This is to cultivate any sparks that you have created to get the fire going. You need to gather some dry wood to maintain the flame. It needs to be dry or the flame won’t catch. Certain trees burn better. Look for information about the area you are travelling to and find the best trees for burning. Birch, for example, even when damp will burn extremely well. You can now use one of the following methods to create your fire.

Flint and steel

This is a well-known method for starting fires. An outdoor bushcraft store may sell pre-packaged flint and steel for your convenience. Carrying them around should be an essential part of any survival kit. If you don’t have a kit find a grey stone or a quartz if you cannot find flint. Strike against a piece of iron or your knife. The ensuing sparks will help your tinder smoke and start your fire.

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Batteries and steel wool.

This is another great method for making fire. Find the terminals of the battery, preferably a nine-volt battery. The terminals are the two prongs at the top of the battery. Take the steel wool and rub it against the terminals. You are creating a current that will heat up and ignite. The finer the wool, the better the outcome. A paper clip will also work instead of steel wool if you can’t find any. Add the items to your survival kit.

Use a magnifying glass

This is something we learn at school. Tilt the lens of the magnifying glass towards the sun until you see a circle of light in the middle of your tinder nest. Hold in place until it starts to smoke and flame. Sunlight is essential for this method!

Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you’re looking forward to your nuptials this year, then you’ll be busy planning every tiny detail from the favours to the music to make sure everything is perfect. One of the most exciting choices is the bridal bouquet which you can have created for you at a Gloucestershire Florist such as . Whether you’re going to stick to tradition or try something new and unique here are some interesting ways to make a statement with your bouquet:


A wreath makes a beautiful alternative to a traditional bouquet. If you’re having a country, rustic, winter or vintage style wedding, then bridal and bridesmaid wreaths will look perfect. They come thick with vivid green foliage and are often a cheaper option.

Giant Balloons

This is a new and quirky idea that makes for great wedding photographs but probably not all that practical during the ceremony! They look amazing in fun photos and can then be re-used later in the day for your reception décor.


If you’re planning an alternative, relaxed and hippy-style wedding then pinwheels are the perfect inexpensive accessory. They also make great alternative bouquet ideas for pageboys and flowergirls. They look very cute and bring a different dimension to the theme.

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Paper Flowers

The quality and appearance of paper flowers has increased significantly over the last few years, now almost looking like the real thing. Crafty people can make them at home and keep them as stunning wedding mementos for many years.

Wrist Corsages

These were worn years ago but have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity. They are the ideal way of incorporating real flowers into your ceremony but at a reduced price tag. They allow you to have your hands free which is useful and are extremely pretty.

Alternative Bouquets

If you still love the idea of a traditional bouquet but with a twist, why not think about incorporating earthy and natural elements instead of flowers? Interesting alternatives include wheat, eucalyptus, pine cones, cotton and herbs. The only limit is your imagination.

Fabric Bouquets

If you’re not keen on fresh flowers for whatever reason, a popular trend is to have a beautiful fabric bouquet instead. They can be made at home or bought pre-made and include options like silk, cotton, felt or even pom-poms!

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For rustic or wintry weddings, having your bridesmaids carry lanterns instead of flowers is a growing trend. They can also look incredibly romantic for ceremonies that take place later in the day where the candlelight creates a warm and romantic ambience.

Fruit Bouquets

Perfect for autumn weddings, fruit bouquets look stunning in photographs. Remember that too much fruit will make the bouquet heavy and you might want to avoid any berries that could stain dresses.


Kitchen Improvements on a budget

If your kitchen is looking a little tired, there are loads of ways you can freshen it up without having to splash out on a complete kitchen refit. With a bit of creativity and some imagination, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are a few ideas:

Painting your cabinets

You don’t have to replace shabby cabinets; a simple coat of paint is a great way to get a new look. If you have a neutral background you could consider adding a dash of contemporary colour to the cabinets for an upbeat, fresh look.

New worktops

If you’ve not got the budget for a complete overhaul, then why not replace the worktops? This can totally transform the feel of your kitchen. Perhaps you could add in a few luxury extras like a built-in draining board or heat rods.

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Get better storage

Most of us struggle to find room for all the stuff we accumulate over the years. Sorting out your kitchen cupboards is a good place to start, throwing out anything no longer needed or expired. A bit of organisation will vastly improve the amount of space available, clearing worktops and giving you the extra space to make your room look bigger. An added benefit is that it won’t cost you a penny!

Keep cool

If you are a fan of cooking and like to really move around we all know it can get really hot. If you want to stay fresh why not get an Air conditioning Gloucester company to help you pick a air conditioning system.  They also provide units for business needs so why not pop over to sites such as and take a look at your options.

Replace cabinet doors and handles

If there isn’t much wrong with the structure of your cabinets, replacing the doors and handles only can provide enough of a change to instantly update your kitchen. Brand new, sleek doors and some interestingly shaped new handles will make it look like you have a refit.

Introduce new fabrics

Perhaps you could consider some new seat cushions, a new tablecloth or hanging some brand new Waterproof Roller Blinds to brighten up the room.

Treating yourself to a new appliance can also help to improve the look of your kitchen without having to change the furniture. When replacing appliances, be sure to choose energy efficient models to save on future bills as well.


This is a cheap way to liven up your kitchen. Buy some new accessories to display, whether they are kitchen-related crockery or glassware or flowers for example. Accessories will brighten your kitchen in an instant and you can choose a theme to bring the look together

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Extra lighting

If your kitchen doesn’t have great task lighting, consider installing some spotlights over the worktop or new, attractive ambient lighting over the dining table. Lighting is a great way to set the mood and brighten up a tired kitchen.



This will liven up old walls without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. Choose a modern colour and maybe even create a feature wall to really make a statement.


What’s the point in Art History?

If you’ve ever wondered why people chose to study Art History then you might be surprised to learn that there many fascinating subjects involved and extremely useful qualities to be gained. Art History is so much more than knowing who painted what. It’s about culture, politics, economics, humanity, war, love and so many other things. Here are some great reasons to study Art History:

Every piece of art tells a story

Each artist who has ever created something has done so under an individual set of circumstances. The Renaissance artists had to please the Roman Catholic Church for example and modern artists reflect on experiences of war or economic hardship to show their views on society. Every person is a product of their environment, their culture and their time period. If you want to learn about history then art is incredibly useful as evidence of how people felt during the period. Whether it’s a portrait, a sculpture or architecture, everything is a product of personal and sociological influences.

Learn useful skills

Studying Art History will develop your ability to analyse things and think critically about what you see before you. You will also develop writing skills, learn how to source and essays are great for your grammar and punctuation practice! Why do I need these skills? Many career paths require the ability to think critically, for example, becoming an engineer. Writing skills will help many career choices such as teaching, law and journalism.

You’re already surrounded by visual imagery

Every day we are surrounded by visual stimulation, whether it be on a smartphone, tablet or computer. We watch TV and play video games which puts our brains under pressure to process these vast amounts of images. Humans are becoming more adept at thinking and learning visually. All this requires analysis and insight which Art History is perfect for providing.

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More than just paintings

Studying Art History is deeper than knowing the names and dates of famous paintings, it actually encompasses a far broader range of subjects than you’d think. If you’ve ever been interested in animation, photography, calligraphy or movies then you’ll learn about these too. Art History also covers topics like architecture, woodwork, performance art and armour as well as coins! Anything and everything can be found in the world of Art History. The artwork included on items such as armour and coins can be particularly interesting to research and a UK Coin dealers can help to give you further information on certain collectable coins. GM Coins is one of a select few UK coin dealers in Gloucestershire that can help with all of your coin related questions.

A deeper understanding

Humans are a social species and the way we communicate has always fascinated us. Studying this subject offers a greater understanding of different cultures and times by analysing the way they used art and architecture to communicate. It’s the perfect subject for developing deeper humanity and empathy for other people, culture and societies by seeing the world through their eyes.

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Enjoy galleries more

You don’t need to study Art History to enjoy art but you might have a more enjoyable experience with a better trained eye. You’ll see things you hadn’t noticed before, recognise influences in work from other artists, discover a deeper understanding of other cultures and begin to appreciate more diverse works of art that you had previously disliked.

Which minerals make a healthy soil?

Soil is a bit of an unsung hero here on Earth. Without soil, we simply couldn’t exist. It’s as essential as the water we drink and the air we breathe. In fact, without it, we wouldn’t even have breathable air or drinkable water. Soil supports all life on Earth by giving us plants and, by extension, food, fuel and oxygen. What exactly is in our soil, why do we need to it be in optimum health, and what minerals are essential for this?

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The story of soil

Soil is made up of organic matter, liquids, gases, minerals and organisms. Together they make up this black stuff we call ‘earth’ or ‘soil’. Soil makes up one of the Earth’s top layers, the pedosphere. Among the things that make up soil, minerals play a key part. The better the ratio of minerals, the healthier the soil and thus, the healthier the crop. In the future, sustainable agriculture will be key to our survival, making healthy soil more important than ever. 

The Big Four Minerals

1. Calcium

Calcium is absolutely essential for plant growth, and farmers often add soluble calcium to ensure that their soil has good levels. 

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2. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is essential for providing plants with energy. A soil with a good level of phosphorus is more likely to yield a bigger crop. Phosphorus levels should ideally be above 0.2%, but its efficacy is dependent on the existence of other soil elements such as mycorrizhae, which aids phosphorus uptake in plants.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for plants in order to photosynthesize, but too much in the soil is not good. Magnesium and phosphorus also compete for plant takeup, so it’s important to have the right balance.

4. Boron

Boron is essential for calcium uptake. There is little point improving calcium levels if boron levels are not simultaneously increased.

Other steps to healthy soil

It’s not just the minerals we need to worry about; human actions have degraded our soil enormously and added all sorts of pollutants, including building debris and asbestos. A soil remediation service such as those offered by is a great way to get soil to a healthier state. 

Without healthy soil, the populations of this planet simply couldn’t survive. For farmers, however, a healthy yield is also essential for business.

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