The talented Sumie painters of Kousyuuya Studio in Nikko, Japan can paint the body of a dragon with a single stroke of the brush. The delicate technique is known as ‘hitofude ryuu’, which literally means ‘dragon with one stroke’, and it’s been around for four generations. Watching these painters create a perfect dragon – with […]
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(NaturalNews) One of the last remaining patriots serving in public office is pushing for new legislation that would mandate side-by-side comparisons of autism rates in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Speaking during a recent interview with the Focus Autism Foundation’s Dr…

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Face of Fast Food is ChangingThe iconic golden arches have brought smiles to millions from children to seniors. With a friendly clown as the mascot and play areas to keep the younger ones entertained, we all have fond memories of McDonald’s. And although we know that fast food isn’t the best meal option for us, we all have those moments that lead us back to the glowing “M” for a Big Mac and fries.

Over the years, McDonald’s has been trying to change its fast-food image with the start of McCafe, a more welcoming restaurant with couches and fireplaces. Then … Read More

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Perhaps a symbol of what the 21st century stands for, a video of a man smoking a McDonald's French fry has gone viral. In the video, Trevor Ferrell lights up a fry and tries smoking the smolderin…
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(NaturalNews) As the Ebola virus spreads throughout West Africa, governments there are becoming more and more authoritarian in how they are dealing with it — actions that are born of fear as much as pragmatism.For instance, in Liberia in recent days, soldiers and police officers…