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Pilates is a modern fitness regime blending traditional cardio with ancient yoga poses. It’s a dynamic way to improve flexibility, aid focus, and reduce tension in the body and mind. Fast-moving forms of Pilates may support metabolism and aid in achieving an overall healthy lifestyle. [1] With these benefits, is it any wonder why this exercise program is becoming increasingly popular in the West? Some believe that the popularity surrounding Pilates is surpassing conventional yoga exercise, and with the below 6 benefits you won’t be surprised why. The original developer […]

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(NaturalNews) Commodity crops like GMO corn and soybeans dominate most of the agriculture production in America today. For instance, when one travels during the summer months through a state like Illinois, they begin to realize that biodiversity of crop production is practically dead…

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(NaturalNews) Vision is one of mankind’s most valued senses. Unfortunately, for many it’s susceptible to extremely degenerative conditions. In the United States alone, nearly billion is spent to treat cataracts, affecting about 22 million Americans over the age of 40.Approximately…

Pat Buchanan talks with Lew Rockwell about Richard Nixon – Lew Rockwell’s Podcast Listen here…. Get Pat’s latest book: The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority

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