Mar 12

Illegal to arrest Minnesota Government Officials for drinking and driving.

Minnesota Constitution
“Sec. 10. PRIVILEGE FROM ARREST. The members of each house in all cases except treason, felony and breach of the peace, shall be privileged from arrest during the session of their respective houses and in going to or returning from the same. For any speech or debate in either house they shall not be questioned in any other place.”

As you see it is not just DWI. See full article at:

For politicians the Minnesota Constitution must be followed to protect them, but when the US constitution is on the line to protect citizens, well that isn’t important, since people are not as important as the ones on top. They are exempted from the the new health care laws. They recently made a law to stop them from insider trading, which should not have given them special privilege int eh first place. Some have been exempted from manslaughter.

Now some may argue that driving drunk should not be the issue for these 3 major factors.
1. Now ask yourself, should people get arrested for drunk driving if no one got hurt?
“Wisconsin arrests and punishes over 37,000 citizens annually for OWI violations. There are some 300 deaths classified as alcohol-related annually. Wisconsin arrests over 100 citizens (who have harmed no one) for each alcohol-related death. Keep in mind that an alcohol-related death doesn’t mean that alcohol caused the death or even played a role in it. For example, if a passenger in the car has alcohol in his/her blood and is killed, that passenger is an alcohol related death even if the driver had no alcohol in his/her blood. (nice way to inflate the problem, isn’t it?) ”

2. The American Medical Association legal % for being drunk was .15%. Many did not get arrested under the original % of .15, so they pressured the AMA change the # 1/3 lower, then 1/2, so to arrest more people despite. So people get arrested being a bit under the influence, but not official drunk.

3. Talking on the cell phone makes you a worse driver, than driving under the influence.

The average person does not put the US into debt, but the special privileged public sector government officials seem to contribute. They were supposed to be servants for the people, put in by the people. They should not be treated like rock stars, to have the people be servants to them. Politicians have an extravagant lifestyle to work 1/2 a year, while getting paid very well, travel, and being paid by companies in how to vote (bribe). But the crazy thing is, they are not to blame! Most people would do the same, which is why most do it. Look how much money politicians got to vote for Sopa act at politicolnews.com That is just a few from the long list. They also get paid by the opposition to vote against the bill.  People are to blame for letting it happen.

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