Feb 12

2012 Super Bowl XLVI Commercials, time, live stream, & recipes

Super Bowl XLVI Commercials 2012 at:
SuperBowl-ads.com  OR Mashable.com

What time is the super bowl 2012? Kickoff starts at 6:30 pm EST
Where to watch it? NBC, or online at MSNBC.com & NFL.com
Teams: New York Giants(winner 21-17) & New England Patriots

Super Bowl Recipes:
46 Superbowl Recipes Inspiredtaste.net
9 Chicken Wing Recipes  Huffingtonpost.com

Madonna half time show at Dailymail.co.uk  & Youtube.com

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  1. JIM says:

    I really thought that Madonna ‘s performance was one of her best. As far as for MIA, well in my own opinion she is as her name is. (missing in action)

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