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Newt Gingrich might support SOPA, but it’s very unpopular now to say so, including Rick Santorum & Mitt Romney.

People can talk the talk but rarely walk the walk and that’s Newt Gingrich’s life story as many know. Before I get to SOPA let’s lay out some basics. People have to try to read between the lines to see how their actions and their close friends voted. They all say what people want to hear, but you have to know them to know what they will do. The point is to make people logically think it through.

The thing about Newt is that he attacks others for the things he does. He knows how to talk which is why he was speaker of the house. He was also fined and kicked out of office for his unethical actions. It’s like having a locksmith that got fired for being corrupt to do neighborhood watch.

Newt attacks the news for his past actions as improper but it’s he finds it ok when he tells the media about other candidates past actions that have been debunked. Other debates ask the candidates about the controversial and sensitive issues about themselves so its normal. But when CNN asked Newt about what everyone in the audience wanted to hear he attacks the host and CNN for bringing it up. The audience cheered from their knee jerk reaction like the Romans gladiator days since people want an verbal execution now and Newt executed his arguments well. The audience was not credible for acting the way they acted, since they wanted to see a fight, but until they got dragged into the argument they got mad. The audience most likely consisted of mostly Christians but did not like it when Ron Paul quoted the golden rule which Christ said to “do to others what you want others to do you you”. Even if Newts statement was true or not, it is the only answer he can give to attack back and say the arguments against him are false without any proof despite his credibility going against what hen says.
Referenced on “Gingrich on Open Marriage Accusations from Ex-Wife Marianne”.

Newt acts as if he is a common person to have affairs and divorces but does not truly relate to others how he has a $500,000 account at Tiffany and gets over $40,000 per speech. He is more of an insider and benefited from being an insider more than Mitt Romney has. It is Newt’s obvious hypocrisy which defines him as a simple persons with flaws that tries to over come in the image portrayed. Even his wife is portrayed as a “dedicated” Catholic which many that are not Christians will wonder if it’s normal for someone dedicated to have an affair with a married man for many years. Newt teamed up with Bush and other republicans to support a democrat against Ron Paul in Texas.  An “outsider” of the state supporting an outsider of his party with other insiders. That’s the only outsider view or Newt which that was the strangest election. Newt can not qualify in enough ballots to get enough delegates and his motives for running are again questionable. wikipedia.org

Gingrich’s 2nd wife as the saying goes should have understood that what goes around comes around, since she was fooling around with Newt when his first wife had cancer. She he should not be one to talk when she did it to someone else and sided with Newt for it. At the same time Newt was attacking Bill Clinton for his affair, despite he acted worse. But in all fairness even if he was silent and supported Clinton would it make him better which many in South Carolina are supporting Newt including Chuck Norris sides with Newt since they relate with him and don’t want to be hypocrites since they or someone they know cheated with their spouse. Even in ancient Greek times when a politician cheated on their spouse they were not allowed info politics, since a persons character can not be trusted to help others when they cant help themselves and the one they love.
Some points indicated on: Being a Washington insider has made Newt Gingrich a wealthy man.

To be an insider you have to be like most inside and keep connected. Most big insider senators and congressmen get paid even more money when they leave office due to the power they have and Newt Is no different.
Stated on “SOPA Blackout Angers Fmr Senator Turned Lobbyist Dodd”.

Newt is not consistent as Gary Johnson pointed out that “In 1997 Newt Gingrich Proposed The Death Penalty For Possession Of Marijuana”. Youtube.com No harm no foul to others get the death penalty but what about SO companies that side SOPA which feel they are hurt? Maybe a worse punishment than death?

Now for SOPA and PIPA, many politicians got paid $10,000, $100,000 & $1,000,000 MILLION to get persuade to pass the bill and done so mostly by the republicans. You can see how much each person gets paid to vote for it and against it here http://sopatrack.com

Show me your friend’s and I’ll show you who you are, but in this case it is show me their friends and I’ll show you how they vote. One of Newt Gingrich’s friend and many speculated potential running mate Marco Rubio was a sponsor to SOPA but obviously dropped it due to the backlash he got. Despite that you still know where their heart sides with and if they can be bought out. You scratch my back and I have to scratch your back as politics go. Lets not forget he wanted to censor the internet and wants to arrest judged that rule against his view. Newt wanted wikileaks censored which many say acted like the drudge report which got private info about Bill Clinton’s sex scandal that made them famous and other news stories.

The same goes with Mitt Romney  with his friends and his endorsement like John McCain which is a Sponsor of SOPA that got paid over $1 million to push for it. Mitt wants a SOPA like law to pass, but wants it changed in some ways. Mitt does not just want to enforce the current laws but add new laws which will affect the interest while ignoring the underlining cause of the problem.

Rick Santorum as he indicated is kind of in favor of SOPA more than the rest fi you see how he says it but not 100% after he as well saw the backlash. You can see Rick’s trying to watch his words carefully not to get booed and try to be as honest as he can.

Ron Paul might more likely side with what Max Kaiser says, which I will get to in a moment but seems to want no Federal regulation at all unlike the rest that way some sort of federal regulation. Well many have to hand it to him that he is the only one that seems to vote “NO” on everything Federal laws imposed on everyone and want a “free market” to not have corporations pressure government to pass laws unlike the other candidates. Even if they vote no now to SOPA or PIPA, it still leaves the door open in the future which Paul wants to shut that option. Eventually SOPA like laws will pass since it only takes time to pass and close to impossible to undo. The others switch sides like politicians when it suites them and it does pay pa off to lie since people do not fact check or think it through.

And do not count out President Obama since it is very unpopular to side with SOPA now. He know it’s election time so he needs all the support he can get. But Obama’s administration did arrested people from other countries under SOPA like actions where others did not break any of their countries laws. As you can see its not just about a federal law but a world law pushed pushed for with the help of millions of dollars by big corporations to politicians to impose the laws.

Even if the SOPA or PIPA laws gets voted down, it will never go away until it passes or partially passed in parts hidden in 10,000 page bills that no one reads but they all get paid to vote for. So all these complaints and blacks-outs are only delaying the inevitable. As stated the candidates do not want to close that option to not let corporations influence the Federal Government. Sadly the only way to close that option is to limit Federal power in what Ron Paul suggested, or else the Federal Government will dictate to every state and nation in what it feel is proper in its own context. For the GOP to be against a nanny state they sure vote for it when it came to SOPA. And most people would vote for SOPA if paid enough since everyone has a price.

Most know what politicians are like Newt Gingrich, the issue is how much money would it take since everyone has a price especially the ones that have been bought out before. People know that politicians get use to the lifestyle and even Obama and his family would never have gotten to see the world with the amount of taxpayer money they spent, which even the 1% don’t spend that lavishly especially at the expense of others.

None of them can openly admit it and they are 100% right to not say they are for SOPA, PIPA, or the likes, but their past actions and friends say something else which people should think about.

Despite all that as Max Kaiser on The Kaiser Report has stated how bad certain copyright has hurt the economy, innovation, and the people. Paid politicians will not and can not see that point. Keiser Report: Hollywood Cons Congress (E234)

Even JeepersMedia stated how the MEDIA intentionally showed people how to download illegal material like music for free and made the P2P programs like Kazaa for people to use, in order to collect enough information to push for laws like SOPA to stop competition. No one raised the issue who helped make those download music and movies possible which was the big corporations like CBS, Microsoft, Disney and many more. It is not only funded by the entertainment and news corporations, but by pharmaceutical companies to hurt competition, innovation, and information. Studies have shown that the claims for SOPA are false since people that do hear music for example would not have bought it in the first place. People that get it for free as The Kaiser Reports indicates, did not hurt the companies but helped it promote there product for something that most would not have bought. People do not need the internet to see for free which they can buy it illegally, got it  off then street as many did in the old days, rented it from the library, off the radio or TV, of even seen or borrowed the thing from a friend. Those actions are what studies have shown which contradict with what the media says.

The music artists should sue are the people that support SOPA which helped push their product for free. The current laws have to be enforced not to make new ones which hurt the people that follow the laws which the candidates want to have more laws. Many find it outrageous that the federal government should be involved with a crime like robbery which is like being involved with someone stealing an apple or orange. This is categorized as a conspiracy which means to plot behind closed doors since the media will not report it and has not reported about SOPA so that people know which was reported by online independent media which is one reason they want to censor the internet due to people being informed online and not by the mainstream. Since the mainstream media was involved in the illegal action to use it as an excuse to pass SOPA will anyone be punished for it? Who do you think the media wants in public office like president to support their cause and who do you think the media does not want?
Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!! I’ll tell you How!

Agree or disagree this is another sides of the story. But from what points were brought up it “seems” that Newt Gingrich supports SOPA like laws, Mitt Romney supports SOPA like laws, and Rick Santorum supports SOPA like laws. Now will any of them agree to punish the mainstream media and its subsidiaries for being hypocrites for pushing people to download the illegal materials? Will they uphold the “original” copyright laws and it’s limitation to be not over 12 years to not stifle innovation by monopoly practices? (Corporations buy innovative products to not release them intentionally since they feel it hurts business if they use the cheaper newer technology which is why corporations donated to politicians to change the copyright laws for their benefit and eliminate fair competition and innovation as indicated by The Kaiser Report.)  Will they fight for the people after they are put in by the people or by the big corporations that paid for them to be in office?

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