Jan 13

Sandy Hook shooter did NOT have a semi-auto AR-15 assault rifle?

(Update: NBC News states “NO RIFLES Used In Sandy Hook Shooting Only Handguns” What will happen when school shooting keep happening with guns then bad guns? The laws did not work before to stop the drugged up killers with legal medication. Weather it is true or not rifle to be used the same outcome would have happened.)
No Bushmaster assault rifle semi-auto AR-15 was used during the shooting despite popular mainstream media hype. Adam Lanza use 4 pistols, and once the ammo ran out from one gun he used another (a New York Reload).
Some assume that the assault rifle was in the trunk which is not true, but there was a shotgun which was not used.
Fully explained by WND self defense weapons instructor Molotov Mitchell

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Pierce Morgan uses Semi auto and Sandy Hook as one of his main arguments, but he was in trouble in the UK for false news and is doing the same thing again in the US. Some people assume he will change his stripes, despite running away form the UK to not wear black & white stripes. The other argument he uses is the Colorado shooter, despite ignoring that a similar incident took place which was prevented by a gun owner.
The media focuses on all the bad despite so many people have been saved with guns. Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens (Not news worthy or politically beneficial to persuade people to pass gun ban.) CNN should be to blame for hiring people like Pierce Morgan and others that act like him, while reporting false stories which as former news personal left due to the false information and restrictions of information. But then again Top 10 Occupations to Most Likely Attract Psychopaths…MEDIA & JOURNALIST?

Other things to consider which is not brought up is the media ignores the main reason what made the kid kill in the first place, which most shooting happen due to anti depressant medication.
Psychiatric Drugs are the root cause of the killings, not the guns.

More kids died in the 1927 Bath School disaster by a bomb (48 total deaths ignored). Connecticut gun massacre was not as bad as the 1927 bombing of a school where 48 died. Despite the media keeps hyping how its the worst in history which undermines and ignores the other tragic deaths by putting politics first. 911 happened with the help of box cutters and if others were able to carry a knife at least or a gun things would have been different. The OJ Simpson trial was carried with a knife (more silent than a silencer and untraceable) and if the 2 victims has a gun they would have been alive. And the list goes on.

So why did the kid take medication? Some doctors feel the lack of the proper vitamins and minerals means to give heavy pharmaceutical anti depressant drugs. “Newtown school shooter needed nutrition, not drugs like Fanapt from Novartis”

In the end even if you speak eloquently or loud to anti gun people like Peirce Morgan you are still a dangerous nut which much be death with sooner or later.
Even one marine that explained it clearly does not help. hotair.com
Anti gun people fear people with guns since they feel others will be as deranged as them to use a gun when they get mad and assume others are as irresponsible as them which is why they demand a nanny state to decide for them since they are not smart enough to decide what is right or wrong.

It is sad how local news stations get it but national news does not get it.
Lionel: Simply simple prevention
Reality Check: Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones, and the truth about gun homicide rates

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