Sep 12

AMTV News: Obama: I ♥ ‘Redistribution’ & Gov Ron Paul?

SUBSCRIBE NOW!! www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE TO AMTVmedia!!! www.youtube.com REFERENCES: Welcome back to AMTV News, I'm your anchor Topher Morrison. It's Hump Day, September 19th, 2012. [US/POLITICS] Obama: I ♥ 'Redistribution' You Tube, Nick Cruz www.youtube.com [CIVIL RIGHTS/LAW] Obama Wins Stay of NDAA Rejection Bloomberg & Politico www.bloomberg.com www.pbs.org [ENTERTAINMENT/HUMOR] Draft Ron Paul for Texas Governor Infowars www.infowars.com [FINANCE/ECONOMICS] All You Need to Know About Who Pays What Zero Hedge & Heritage Foundation www.zerohedge.com www.heritage.org [HISTORY] Egypt Looks More Like Post-1979 Iran Everyday World Affairs Journal & PBS www.worldaffairsjournal.org www.pbs.org [GEOPOLITICS/WORLD] Russia Boots Democracy Hustler USAID BBC & Tony Cartalucci www.bbc.co.uk landdestroyer.blogspot.com [MILITARY/DRUG WAR] [ODDITY/OFF BEAT/OPEN] ACLU Forces Ban on "Father-Daughter" Dances Providence Journal news.providencejournal.com Capturing every corner of alternative media watch AMTV News Monday — Friday. Find our in depth commentary and analysis of stories like these at GreeneWave.com, part of the AMTV Network. Remember to like, comment, remix and most of importantly share! We are AMTV — The Voice of Independents. DESCRIPTION: In today's video, Topher Morrison covers the political gaffes of Obama and Romney, taxes in America, our foreign entitlement complex and Rhode Islands cancellation of father-daughter dances. www.greenewave.com twitter.com To Donate: www <b>…</b>
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