Aug 12

Apple triumphs over Samsung, awarded over $1 billion damages

Apple fans are excited about the verdict. Publishers not artists created copyright which hurt the artists/inventors to improve on things, and now it just stifles progress.
“So if modern copyright is only 121 years old, how on earth did Bach, Beethoven & Brahms survive and thrive without it?”

“The verdict — which came much sooner than expected — could lead to an outright ban on sales of key Samsung products and will likely solidify Apple’s dominance of the exploding mobile computing market.

A number of companies that sell smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system may now face further legal challenges from Apple, a company that is already among the largest and most profitable in business history.”

“Samsung’s attorneys, on the other hand, maintained Apple had no sole right to geometric designs such as rectangles with rounded corners. They called Apple’s damage claim “ridiculous”"

Read more: reuters.com

“This case no doubt will be appealed. That means little is likely to change anytime soon, at least until Apple files for injunctions against the Samsung products involved. And those are by no means all of Samsung’s products, let alone other Android smartphones.”

Apple/Samsung Injunction Hearing Set For September 20

Taiwanese University Sues Apple Over Patents infringement. Apple is lucky Xerox didn’t sue them or else Apple will close it’s doors. Mashable.com

Most do not care to be integrated with Apple, and many prefer a more open system with less restrictions. People want choices. The Jury to a degree favored Apple since it’s an American company despite its product is made in China. If the Court was health in another country the verdict would have been different. Makes you wonder if the location is mostly Apple users which also to a degree leaned towards apple.

For Apple to wins patent dispute over rectangle, corner, and other little things with rounded corners is insane. Apple is the master of copying technology without paying for it which Steve Jobs agreed they would not be where they are if they didn’t pirate. The patent law was not originally supposed to last this long but for a short time so to not hurt innovation. Apple was afraid since they did not make as good of a product as Samsung which sales charts have shows the Apple was losing and the Android was gaining in the market. Even one of the founders of Apple said he like the Samsung android phones better. In the end the real loser will be the consumer. Obviously Samsung will be appealing this.

Samsung will increase their chip prices being sold to Apple and many in the industry might try to take down Apple for being greedy, and in the end even Apple customers will get hurt by Apple’s greed.

Depends how you see it in what Woz said: “My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”
“well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways”regarding Android
“The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world” Which the Mac world is small and so he does not recommend the majority to go with it
Samsung won in court in other countries, and so did Apple. the cost of litigation went over 100 million and they will make their money back by increasing or maintaining the high priced.

The point is copyright/patent which many ignore the core issue, which greed obviously plays a role for both sides which is talked about in the first link of this post how their was a limit to it to help innovation. Apple is Also being sued by a university for patent violation that they stole which their expenses have not been paid for unlike Apple that has been compensated for it’s products. The court should have been held in an independent country just like before.
I am not far of anyone which both are not that great and will see how the Windows phone will be despite their last attempt at phones was not so good.

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