Aug 12

Obama is right “Rape is Rape”; Rape: “take away by force”; Democrats in the closet rapists?

Democracy is the road to socialism.“~ Karl Marx
The goal of socialism is communism.“~ V.I. Lenin
When in communism you are “forced” (rape) to follow or else serious problems happen. It’s not a live free or die, it’s be raped or die.

People forget the original meaning of rape, or most do not know the true meaning of rape which is why they unknowingly support rape in once form or another.
Rape: (transitive verb) “1 a archaic : to seize and take away by force
Then again people will deny it for their own personal gain at the cost of their own and others freedom.

(If you must know about sexual rape where he got his source: 1999 Journal of Medicine backs Todd Akin’s claim that Rape Pregnancies Are Rare? http://trenchpress.com/?p=17517)

People complaining about rape seem to be ok with it as long as long as they do the raping. Do people honestly think it’s fair to rape your money away from you, which you might not want to give since you need it to live, since you feel you knows whats best for you? Maybe it would be best if you are treated like a child and someone else makes decisions for you weather you like them or not since you are not mature enough to decide whats best for you.

A free man can defend themselves, while a slave can not. To force a weapon away is rape them, which many in the left seem to like that idea.

‘Joe the Plumber’ talking to Obama
Obama doesn’t mind forcing (rape) away your profits.
How about the NDAA where the majority of Americans are against it while Romney and Obama are for it? You don’t like it too bad it will be forced on you. More serious matters and the media shows silly news. How about the Missouri women in Todd Akin’s state but the media want to talk one mistake of words and actual crime. Are people more interested in a circus since they are the clowns?

Whoopi Goldberg on Polanski ‘It Wasn’t Rape Rape’
And the left defend him and want him free. But Todd Akin that didn’t rape is worse than the rapist by many. The extreme double standards is what’s funny. Todd Akin makes one mistake and told to drop out, while most make a dozen mistakes and told forgive them.

Todd Akin says sorry for wording it wrong.

Left find jokes about rape funny The Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Kit Looks About Right (PHOTO)


Many find Comedian Sandra Bernhard Attacks Sarah Palin by saying she should be raped funny

Left wing journalist wants to rape Santorum
Imagin if a guy said he wanted to do that to a women on air what would happen?

RAPE JOKES! (Bill Maher and Sexism)


To be fair even the Republicans are guilty of wanting to rape their fellow Americans to make them follow laws they do not want. The means justify the ends, and anyone that says otherwise is pushing to “rape” the other. The Republicans are throwing themselves under the buss to fall behind, while the Democrats back themselves up to gain. The GOP has been known to be cowardly and dishonorable of its own and have stole election in the primaries which have gone to court since they keep fighting against each other more so than the Democrats. The Republicans have supported crazier notions before like when Ann Coulter said the victims of 911 would have been divorced by their husbands anyway and should shut up and the Republican commentators keep saying how she is a delightful guest. The GOP burned many republicans by pushing for the most far left candidate in the presidential race, and they are burning the rest of their base to not be united like the Democrats.

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