Aug 12

Is not joining Facebook a sign you’re a psychopath? … It could be that they are Dumb F#&%$ & sociopaths if they did join?

“Facebook has become such a pervasive force in modern society that increasing numbers of employers, and even some psychologists, believe people who aren’t on social networking sites are ‘suspicious.’”
“On a more tangible level, Forbes.com reports that human resources departments across the country are becoming more wary of young job candidates who don’t use the site.”
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184658/Is-joining-Facebook-sign-youre-psychopath-Some-employers-psychologists-say-suspicious.html

If you disagree then here is another side of the story.

“The truth is that companies such as Facebook are basically the corporate world’s equivalent of sociopaths, that is to say individuals who are completely lacking in conscience and respect for others.”

The owner of facebook think members are dumb. Imagine going to a store and the owner says “thanks for buying out stuff you dumb @#$@%”. Would you shop there again?
“Way back in the mists of time, Zuckerberg called his thefacebook.com users “dumb fucks” in an instant message. It appears his attitude hasn’t changed.

He publically said a few years ago that privacy as we understand it is over – and then began pushing Facebook privacy policies to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

So if you don’t join you might be seen as a psychopath by dumb F#%$ that support sociopaths; but if you do join then you support sociopaths, which might makes you one too since you encourage that, and a Dumb F#%$. O WELL Pick your poison.

??? 10 Reasons Why Facebook is For Losers
2) Facebook’s interface sucks
4) Facebook is a time waster
5) Everybody lies on Facebook
9) Your Facebook membership serves only to make the owners rich with your self absorbed content. You get nothing for your work.
Read more: http://webx-programming.blogspot.com

Facebook will end up like myspace sooner or later.
“Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years: Analyst”


Facebook stock has been going down and they do need good publicity and I don’t think the author of the article has stock in it… or maybe he does to stick out the name Facebook. So many lost money in facebook stock when so many people in the news said BUY BUY BUY, and now they wish they were not sheep to listen to the hype.

The top social networking sites around the world
The 2 biggest countries have
China: QQ, Xiaonei, 51
Russia: V Kontakte, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal


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