Jul 12

Crazy: Boston mayor sends letter to Chick-fil-A: There’s no place for you here

“There’s no place for freedom to disagree on the Freedom Trail?

I wonder if he knows that barring Chick-fil-A would be unconstitutional. There’s just enough ambiguity in that letter to suggest that he does — he’s telling them they’re not welcome, not warning them that he’ll challenge them legally — but who knows. Would any Boston liberals object if he did file suit to try to stop them, full in the knowledge that he’s doomed to fail?”
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Also  ” Rahm Emanuel: “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values””
“Is there anywhere in America outside of Chicago itself where the term “Chicago values” isn’t pejorative? It’s basically a byword for political corruption and insane levels of gun violence (tough local gun-control measures notwithstanding). If I were the Cathy family, I’d be tempted to make Rahm’s quote the company’s new slogan. “Chick-fil-A: Where the numbers add up and no one gets shot.

Chick Fil A president did not make any any Gay remarks despite what people are told. He stated his if pro traditional family. People will dispute it since they can not understand the difference but to say you are pro something doesn’t make you automatically anti another, even if they are. The media spin is helping to boost demand for Chick Fil A, which as the saying goes no such thing as bad publicity.

Even if extremists against Chick Fil A are right that he is anti gay which the issue was about marriage not gays in general, does that mean that anyone pro anything is anti another? If gays say they are pro gay marriage are they anti traditional or anti polygamy? Some will say no other will say yes so it’s all how one sees it. Some feel they are anti traditional since they are against people that are pro traditional. Even states that have plenty of gays voted against gay marriage. But gays also discriminate against polygamy (bi sexual marriage) and do not fight for their cause.  In short this is all political and groups of people wanting to pressure how a person think or be run out of business. If the roles were revers the pro gay marriage people would not like that and end up on the streets since no one will hire them due to their views. Obviously they would not like that so people can disagree with another views and set a good example to change their mind since forcing it doesn’t help their cause but makes it worse.

If you agree with Chick Fil A president good for you, and if you did not then good for you too. Now should every straight person that is for traditional marriage boycott Ma for the Mayor being pro Barny Frank? Maybe for their high taxes, but not cause of a nuts view that doesn’t really affect you, despite the media is making it out to be the end of the world.

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  1. Donna says:

    Thank you for standing up for the people. What a disgrace to our country to push this agenda on the American People. I am in Oregon so I will not be eating at your establishment any time soon, but so appreciate your courage to stand for what you believe. God Bless you and God Bless the American Family.

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