Jun 12

The GOP should blame itself for Obamacare since they started mandates, so the corporations WON.

In short Republicans and Democrats with their friends won, and the ones that agree or disagree lost with which no one seems to bring up.

The GOP is upset that the Supreme Court rules for health care. The problem is that the GOP found it good to mandate insurance on people. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. For the Right to force things on others its considered good while the left say its bad, and for the Left to force thing on others is considered good while the right say its bad.

The health care mandate is a pro corporate decision which the GOP have been pushing for more corporate power which eventually bit them from the behind. As Mitt Romney says “Corporations are people” and this bill serve the “people” which paid for most politicians in office.
The big winners are the insurance companies which helped write the health care bill, which the GOP gave them power since they get money from them as well. Corporations help pay for who gets into office, and the elected official put judges that side with them. So is anyone shocked that the Judges rules with the people that put them in power?

The Republicans are crying that the Democrats player by the their rules and lost. This endless tug of war is not going to end and it only makes more animosity. Also the Republicans play by Democrats rules say they are against big government while wanting programs that only big government can do. Both scratch each others back to look like the back guy to the opposing side. People can disagree but they are not seeing the big picture that you leave room for others to fiddle with the law.

Also what good is insurance if it waste most of your money and needs bailouts? What good is medicine if it does not work? Just like what good is it to be forced to buy a car that does not work? In other nations that have free health the country can not pay Dr for months and the people get sicker since too many people abuse the system.

Despite Obama argued that it is not a tax, you will have to pay more taxes. You will not get better and the US already spends the most on health and is not the healthiest nation. US spends more money on war yet its not the safest nation. US spends more money on education and many would agree that the people are not the sharpest people in the world. The future of law is determined by the mood or mentality of 1 supreme court judge weather he is for or against a rule does not rational, since if a jury did that it would be considered a hung jury. The problem with the health care law is that it hurts competition, since alternative health providers that do not get tax dollars need to push prices up to compensate for losses.

Let’s see it as a metaphor.
It is like a RNC made a big hole in a big boat since it got paid to do so, and instead of plugging the hole, they would rather take some water out with a bucket. The DNC does not like the water but prefers it open since it gets sand, fish, and other junk come in though the hole, while the RNC disagrees. The boat will eventually sink and take the 2 of them down.

See: What does the Supreme Court’s health-care ruling mean for me? Will tell you how much you have to pay.

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