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Greek communist face slapped might be justified? Dirty secret might be worse…

(Update: The Communist party (that got slapped) lost more votes in the last election since many felt that she instigated it and felt she deserved it since she helped put the country in the financial mess. The ring wing party that slapped got more votes.)
Most that will read this fully might not be as sympathetic towards the communist & socialist. Many news sites are swaying the viewers to insert their own nicknames of political parties, by making false accusation so that people have animosity against them while presenting the news. News is to educate yourself. Education is derived form Latin which basically means to present everything, but to show one side is called propaganda. If you disagree great, but only if you fully understand both sides. The truth is that many feel the slap was deserved, since so many have suffered far worse than a slap which the politicians & news media does not indicate.

Before getting to the point, try to understand what the law states and what happened, before knowing why things went this far. Many feel it was planned for political reasons, and the media has orders to present the story without much context for people to understand what fully went on.

What happened:
On rare cases there is a thing called Crime of Passion
“A crime of passion is committed under extreme emotional circumstances and frequently involves discovering disturbing behavior” “for a defense of crime of passion to be valid, there has to be very little time elapsing between discovery and criminal act.”

Ilias Kasidiaris is a member of the right wing group Golden Dawn that got antagonized or as some might say verbally assaulted and talked over by Rena Dourou, a member of the left wing group Syriza. Ilias Kasidiaris was upset with the the show did not talk about politics and was used to verbally insult and attack him, so he and threw water at Rena Dourou, and was about to leave since he felt set up. Then Liana Kanelli from the Communist party saw that he was upset and about to leave, also told him to leave by slapped/throwing papers in his face which put more fuel to the fire. If you throw something at a person that is pissed off, do you antagonize them physically and expect good results? Ilias Kasidiaris pushed Liana Kanelli away form him, and she stepped forward which he then slapped her. The host was trying to calm him down it seems. Rena Dourou was smiling the entire time you see her face after she ignited the conflict without flinching the entire time as if that was her plan. What the guy did is what most Greeks do to politicians that have put the country into debt, and sold to foreign Banks which some admitted what happened to Greece was great. The communist will not press charges she stated and the police by law will not go after the guy after 2. The guy could have done far more damage and showed restrain due to the circumstances, since he is a martial artist and a veteran of the special forces, which the others took advantage of that knowledge to keep provoking him to get a reaction sine the elections are within 10 days.

Is a slap taboo? Well Actor 007 Sean Connery discusses how it’s ok to slap a women if out of line. A real slap gets a real reaction as seen here.

What the politicians did:
Many people have stated that both women wanted more government control which got the country into the problems they are facing now, after the politicians raped the country by selling the lands and taking the money. The government does not even have enough money to pay its own gas to collect taxes, to pay police, or even pay for food which many in prison will die from starvation. It was wrong to slap back but all sides are to blame to a degree. What Ilias Kasidiaris did, is what many have done to other politicians. Many are upset that so many people in Greece are being murdered in their own homes, robbed, starve to death, commit suicide, over taxed, charged high interest at 76%, over worked, and told they are to blame, while the politicians take the money from the bailouts and live luxurious lives. The Greek people would be to blame if it only happened to them, but it isn’t only happening to them. Many nations in and out of Europe are facing economic collapse


As RT news stated “The Kasidiaris’ boiling-point battery is almost symbolic of the pressure cooker Greece has become in recent times.

Twisting facts:
The country is run by socialist politicians that put the country into an economic mess, which the Socialist and Communist do not want much change. The media attacks the nationalist as a Nazi (national socialist far left) despite the far left socialist leans towards a “national socialist”. As one person stated “To be Greek & neonazi is like to be African & admire the slave trade.” Golden Dawn is odd, despite they say they are not Nazi and are against Nazi, and have a hail Caesar salute. It’s easy to label another, which even the far left socialist party & communist party has many views similar to the far left Nazi party.

Another videos of Greek Politicians being beaten.
People seem to forget how tens of thousands of people were protesting trying to break into parliament while the entire police force was out to protect the politicians when they were about to sell Greece to Bankers. It’s like selling all of Texas or the US to international banks.

Media against the people:
The thing is why the media is labeling political parties names that are not 100% true. It would be like if the media keep calling the republican party Nazi right wing republican or nazi left wing democrat. They could even have called the communist a communist lesbian that wanted to be treated like a man, which some have pointed out, but is is obviously not proper to present another like that.
For the media to call the Key pattern (Greek Key) a nazi symbol is obviously blatant and a stretch. New Dawn has its own crazy ideas just like the other political sides, but the media was pushing for the extreme left which caused the economic collapse and have the country loose it’s sovereignty and be a colony of EU or Germany which many articles and politicians have pointed out. For example: “The eurozone wants to impose its choice of government on Greece – the eurozone’s first colony.” Or So at what point does Greece just become a German colony? Despite that Golden Dawn odd in many ways, it is the only group that doesn’t want to be a colony and loose its sovereignty, which wants what all nations want. Would it be bad if the US does not want to be a colony of China and not have independence?

One network (Ant1) owner broke the law and could face 4 years in Jail. Other networks (Alpha) is owned by a German media conglomerate. Imagine if CBS is owned by Iran or China, how honest would the news be? A lot of the news agencies are subdivisions of Alpha. As for the other companies, it is not unlikely that plenty of them have foreign shareholders hold a big stake it in.

Read how the Greek media defends far left violence against its citizens and neighborhoods.

The slap might help encourage the people to vote for Golden Dawn since they are also outraged with the politicians, but it might hurt them since those actions are not civil. But as noted before its normal to slap politicians or reporters, which many seem to be upset with Greek how they sold Greece out. The media is in full force against them so people will just have to wait and see during the election who they will vote for.

How it led to this:
Max Keiser Inside Story – Greek Debt Crisis stated back in 2010 what would happen.
The people in charge to find out how corruption happened are the ones that did the corruption.


As Reporter Max Keiser stated ‘Greece run by financial terrorists”
Many Greeks want to keep sovereignty but the Politicians said no sell the country for money. Would people like it if your politicians sold your country cheap to another nation?
Max Kaiser explodes what is happening to and he is not Greek, imagine how a Greek people would feel. Expect this to happen in Spain, Italy, etc.


Banks with the help of politicians caught ripping off Greece and other nations.
Max Keiser ‘Greece economic crisis, sinister plot’

Has something like this happened before? In a way yes as this document confirms the selling of Cyprus.

The dirty secret is this:
Golden Dawn is obviously extreme and sensitive by normal standards, but they seem to be targeted more than the extreme socialist or communist. Many attack the notion of nationalism even if its Americans having pride to be american to show off the American Flag as Fascist. The thing is everything to moderation but what is the the marker to establish moderation?
Maybe this Wikileaked document from the 1960’s explains why groups like Golden Dawn are targeted which the media does not mention?

Another dirty secret is that German got as much money from the bailout as Greece, and the tax burden is put on Greece to pay.

Germany complains about how Greece should let criminals from 3rd world enter Greece even if it strains on the economy and crime goes up, but Germany will close the border to not allow Greeks to come into Germany if Greece leaves the EU and if Greece makes 3rd world people citizens. Greece and other nations are attacked for doing what Germany and other thriving nations do. Obviously something is going on.

Nigel Farage: EU has killed democracy in Greece

Greece is not the first or the last country to go down.


Many feel that Greece is being economically attacked since you can not have a physical war to take over Greece and the other countries after it but a financial warfare as the Keiser Report indicates 21minutes in the video, but you need to understand it in proper context.

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  1. elven says:

    That slap was not justified at all. I just finished watching it 3 times and that bald skin head looking, talking too much and too loud freak of a guy named Ilias Kasidiaris totally threw something into one lady’s face first. That was the beginning of the whole physical assault episode. The older woman next to him came to her aid by trying to hit him, which really didn’t look like it hurt at all. Then he got in her face and started slapping the hell out of her. Who ever thinks this was justified needs to have their head examined and re-think their views on women and equality. Is this how you would treat your mother or sister just because someone said something that upset you?? Sorry but Ilias Kasidiaris and his party are just a bunch of bloody thugs, animals, assholes, loosers, punks, scum, bastards, tyrants, racists, criminals, haters, wife beaters, Nazis and degenerate dogs. And that’s just to say a few things about them. Loosers. And if you sympathize with them you’re a bloody looser to!

    (BY Admin: The women said she will let the people decide what they think and most people did not like the communists which is why they got fewer votes than the previous election the month before. When asking many they felt the communists all deserve more than a slap and that she got away easily after what her party and the rest of the politicians have done to their country. All political sides have no good solutions to make things worse or have made things worse. It’s like feeling sorry for the prisoner in prison since another prisoner slapped them. It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what they have done to others. It’s amazing how so many defend the communist why preaching for freedom when they want to take it away. Tensions are high due to the majority being pissed at the politicians after they raped the country and to defend the rapists over a slap, well everyone in the country prefers to be slapped than raped by them. Which do you prefer? Well that’s the other side of the story.

    Ps. You spelled loser wrong. And just like how you seem to lose your temper to talk the way you do, the same thing how the guy lost it which many felt it was a set up and voted for them more than before, and is now a member parliament thanks to that slap despite being out of line.)

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