May 12

Social conservatives distracted by gay marriage are missing the big picture

“Denying homosexuals basic legal privileges is wrong but distracts from the larger destruction of America’s most basic foundations.”

The constitution does not give the Federal government the power to regulate marriage. To focus on that issue without dealing with the main problems just makes things worse. In other words they are like people on a boat that has a hole, and instead of plugging up the hole they would prefer to take out the water without fixing the hole, which lets the water come in again, to eventually sink with the boat and all the things they find of value. That seems to be how some Republican do thing.

Equality in the eyes of God is for homosexuals to complain about, but to get the same hospital visitation, tax break, and social benefits, etc is the laws fault  even if they are gay, straight, or just friends. So the issue is not about marriage but about benefits & taxes. Religious ceremonies just got dragged into it by the Government.

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