Apr 12

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chain 1Coconut oil: cure for foot fungus?

Social stress induces epigenetic changes in macaques in mere weeks. Who wants to bet that the same thing happens in other primates, too?

After a car accident that shattered his femur, arm, and hip, the only way Michael Sandler was able to run (against strict orders from his doctors) was completely barefoot. I wonder how he eats.

The true story of how bread fostered civilization, banished savagery, and gave Paleolithic man great hair.

If you have an hour to spare, check out my recent interview with Abel James on the Fat-Burning Man podcast.

How America isn’t really built for walking, and how we might be able to change that. Be sure to check out Slate’s entire series on pedestrianism in America, linked at the bottom of the article.

A genetic adaptation that allowed greater biosynthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fats from precursor polyunsaturated fats, unique to modern humans, arose 300,000 years ago.

A tiny baby does pullups. Those were okay, but next time, maybe he should try them without kipping. Also, has he ever heard of scapular retraction?

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One year ago (April 17 – April 23)

  • How to Breathe Correctly – You’ve been breathing wrong. Yeah, you. Go find out how to do it correctly.
  • Gardening is Therapy – How spending a day messing around with dirt and seeds can make you feel a whole lot better.

Comment of the Week

Awesome! I’m going to try this. I can see the look of delight now on my sixth-grader’s face when he opens his lunchbox to find this extra-nutritious treat.

- Something tells me Joseph Nichols’ kid won’t be trading his lunch for cookies, Capri-Suns, chips, and other prized commodities.

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